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Re: A Short story of Ramanujaachaarya

Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 14:08:50 PST

     Dear Sri Venkatesh,

     The short story you downloaded is probably from the links provided by
     the pages of ~rayk @ to Sri Ramaanujaachaarya's life and
     works. I have set up a link already to that page from mine. Though
     well written, there is something I need to point out regarding the
     term Vishishtaadhvaitham.

     Prathivaadhi Bhayankaram Sri Annankaraachaarya Swamigal has mentioned
     in one of his A.I.R recordings on Vishistaadhvaitham that this padham
     needs to be understood as VishishtaSya Adhvaitham (Adhvaitham as
     applied to the Qualified one/whole - meaning Sriman Naaraayanaa) and
     not AdvaithaSya Vishishtam(Qualified Adhvaitha) as is commonly
     interpreted. Then he renders further discourse eloquently on
     Vishishtaadhvaithic Philosophy(pardon me for this usage - couldn't
     find a more apt word for it) in his own inimitable style. I have this
     recording, and I hope to bring it back with me from India and make it
     available to those who would like to have a copy.

     The article you downloaded is quite useful for starts. But our
     sampradaayam based treatises like Guru Paramparaa Prabhaavam throws
     even greater light. Also, it will be worthwhile referring to Indian
     Philosophy volumes, especially Vol III (if I remember it correctly).

     Emperumaanaar thiruvadikalE sharanam.