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Re: Acharam - Its relevance to modern times

From: Lakshmi N Srinivasa (
Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 10:05:45 PST

Regarding achara I wish to say a few words about it. Swami vivekananda 
had stated in one of his books that the word "Achara" means cleanliness. 
He further adds that the same achara was given two interpretations by Adi 
Sankara and Ramanujacharya. Adi sankara says that mental purity is what 
is needed for eligibility to learn vedas whereas Ramanuja says that one 
needs both mental purity as well as physical cleanliness.Ramanuja 
emphasized on physical cleanliness as the first step towards 
spirituality. He says physical cleanliness will itself lead to mental purity.

One thing that is still eluding is whether the achara practised by 
brahmins as such is defined completely by these acharyas or was it 
advocated by their disciples.

I have not tried to answer Mr.Vijay's questions and in fact I myself 
would like to hear an answer for these eluding questions of though.

Lakshmi Narasimhan Srinivasa

Vanamali Gati Saarngee Changee chakreecha Nandaki
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