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From: Sudarsan_Parthasarithy_Sampath (
Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 03:20:40 PST

Hello Friends,
                As per Mani's email, I think it is proper for me to present a brief introduction of myself as I have joined the mailing list.

I am Sudarsan Parthasarathy.  I am a Vaishnavite of the Vadakalai Iyengar tradition of Sri.Vedantha Desikar.  May be the best way to give an introduction is the Abhivathanam,
Abhivathayay Angeerasa Bharhaspathya Pravaraanvitha Bharadwaja Gothraha Abhasthamba Suthraha Yathushakathyayee Sudarsana Sarma Namaham Asmiboe.

I am VLSI Design Engineer for Siemens Components Pte. Ltd. Singapore.  I have a B.E from Univ. of Madras and a M.S from the University of Texas at Austin.  I would hope to learn and contribute about Sri Vaishnavism from/to all of you.