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Murugan (additional info)
Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 20:10:02 PST

Few additional info on Muruga:

Muruga, also known as Subramanya, Kumara or Skanda. He  is  the older son of
Shiva and Parvathi (not second son).  His younger brother is the more widely
worshipped Ganesha. Kumara was born to serve as the  SENANI
(commander-in-chief ) of the army of  Devas in their camapaign against the
demon  Taraka.  Kumara was so successful, since then he has that permanent

In Gita, the Lord says 
"Senaninam aham Skandah" (Among commanders-in -Chiefs, I am Skanda). 

Skanda Shashti festival comes during November and I am told that some Sri
Vaishnavas celebrate it.

Muruga and Subrumanya are the more popular names of Kumara  in the South
India. Kumara must have been popular in other parts of India at some time.
Otherwise, the great fourth century AD poet Kalidasa of Ujjain (North India),
would not have bothered to write his great Kavya Kumara Sambhavam. I had the
pleasure of learning fourth canto of this great Kavyam from HSV (H.S. Varada
Desikachar, who is now popular as Ranga Priya swamy), for my pre university

As Mr. Sadagopan pointed out, Sivaya swamigal of Hawai would be a good source
for more info in modern language on Muruga (Subrumanya). In fact, this swamy
is donating a 5 feet idol of Subrumanya to our temple in Cincinnati. I am
told that the Hawai swamy donates the idol of Subrumanya to any Temple if