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Dashavatara: An Introduction

Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 10:50:33 PST

I have been on this mailing list for a while now but have never formally 
introduced myself. 

My name is Ashwin Sairam and I am an undergraduate student at Mcgill 
University in Montreal, Canada.

I would like to introduce a new idea:	
	We celebrated "Dashavatara" on Dec 25, with my family and many friends 
at our Middletown temple in Ct. To bring you up-to-speed with the concept of 
Dashavatara, it is observed in order to provide us, the Hindus, in this 
country an opportunity of a religious setting during a time when most other 
people are in a festive mood celebrating a religious occasion relevant to 
their respective faiths. Back home we could perhaps find a number of religious 
things to do depending on which part of the country we find ourselves in. 
Here, it is possible that most of us are at a loss to find something of 
relevance to do except a blind exchange of gifts to satisfy our material 
needs. There is a need to find a theme that all of us can relate to
irrespective of which part of India we come from. 

Since Bhagavadgita is universally accepted by all of us, it is understandable 
that the same forms the basis of this celebration. The event is actually 
inspired by the following stanza from the holy Bhagavadgita:

	"Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashayata Dushkritam, Dharma Samsthapanarthaya
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge", meaning:

	Celebrate the promise that " Whenever righteousness declines and
unrighteousness increases, God incarnates on this earth again and again to
vanquish the wicked and protect the virtuous".

	I think that I have said enough. If you like the idea, please feel 
free to share it with your friends. May your home be filled with merriment and 
joy throughout the holidays and in the coming year !

If you would like more information on how to celebrate Dashavatara or how it 
was thought up please email me.

Ashwin Sairam 	<>