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dhivya prabhandam in electronic format

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Mon Jan 23 1995 - 14:39:18 PST

More than 8 months ago we started this project for
entering the aazhvaar paasurams into computer.  The
project is now complete.  the following is the
announcement I will be posting in SCT today.  I think
this group will have more than a passing interest in
this.  Any ideas about possible FTP site that will
maintain this file will be appreciated.

Thank you,  Dileepan


It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that
I wish to announce, on behalf of the eighteen
participants, the completion of the naalaayira
dhivya prabhandam project.

The collection includes the following:

I. paasurams
(1)  all the paasurams of the 12 aazhvaars,
(2)  108 paasurams of iraamaanusa nooRRandhaathi by
     thiruvarangatthamudhanaar, in praise of sri raamaanujaa,
(3)  18 paasurams of prabhanda saaram by sri vEdhaantha
     dEsikan, in praise of the 12 aazhvaars and the prabhandam, and
(4)  100 paasurams of thiruvaaymozhi nooRRandhaathi by sri
     maNavaaLa maamunigaL, in praise of nammaazhvaar's
     thiruvaay mozhi.

II. Other files:
(1)  Dr. K. Srinivasan's TAMILVU.EXE software for working
     with the files containing the paasurams.  This software
     allows key word searches, gathering paasurams with key-
     word search, printing, etc.,
(2)  README.TXT file containing information about the collection,
(3)  AAZHVAAR.TXT file containing short biography about each of
     the twelve aazhvaars, and
(4)  FLIST.TXT file containing the names of the paasuram files
     for use with TAMILVU.EXE.

The complete set of 53 files in pk-zipped format is 444K.  I am
looking for an FTP home for this file.  I would appreciate any
suggestions and recommendations.  Thank you.