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RE: Doubts on Vaali Vadham!

From: Nanmaaran (
Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 09:26:17 PST

Dear Sir,
There is no reference to your statement that sugriva tried sending emissaries to vali. May be we can assume but rama will not. But he did not get any inputs thru hanuman or sugriva that they have tried with some emissaries and failed to convince Vali. Moreover there is no single sloka referring to Ruma accepting vali's act as Seetha did when Ravana abducted. If you say that she was in fear of vali, then she could have told after vali's death..There is no reference of such kind. If Rama has to assume like this, then he should have assumed that Seetha would have argued with Ravana enough times and elders in Ravana's court would have advised him a lot and then would have directly hit ravana without any emissaries. Hence let us not think wildly without any direct or logical support.
If it is his idea to give moksham to vali, he could have done it sitting inside the forest. But he specifically missed one attempt and killed him in the second attempt that too indirectly. 
 "Lakshmi Narasimhan <>" <> wrote:Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Dear Shri Swami,

>When Rama sent emissary twice (hanuman and angada) to the known 
>culprit who abducted his wife sita, why he did not give a chance to 
>vali?. He could have sent same hanuman as emissary and requested 
>Vali to release Ruma and to give the status to sugriva..Even in 
>krishnavataram also we see that our emperumaan personally takes the 
>position of emissary and asks duriyodana for the rights of pandavas. 
>Why did Rama fail to do for Vali alone? 

There are 2 view points justifying why Rama did not send any emissary 
to Vaali.
a) Normal Perspective - Vali was Sugriva's enemy and the enemity had 
been for quite a while even before Rama met Vali. So, it is logical 
that Sugriva would have tried his best to pacify Vali through enough 
emissaries. Also, Tara warns Vali about Rama, and, this means, 
somehow it has reached Vali that Rama is on the other side. So, since 
Sugriva would have given enough tries, it is an understanding that 
emissaries would make no sense in case of Vali.
Ravana was Rama's direct enemy and no emissaries had been sent on 
behalf of Rama. And hence, Rama gave couple of opportunities.

b) Vaishnava Perspective - Perumal's Sankalpam was that Vali should 
be given moksham prior to all the other vaanaras(it is a belief and a 
fact that anyone who is killed by the ultimate gets the moksham and 
it is just that Perumal waits and expects the jeevathma to realise 
its relationship with HIM, rather than by forcefully giving the 
moksham). It is a discipline that Vaishnavas need not question 
perumal's sankalpam.

Both the above points justify that Perumal(Ramar) did NOT FAIL to do 
any right thing:)

My 2 cents worth. Sarva Aparaadhaan Kshmasva

Yatheendra Pravanam Vandhe RAMYA Jaamaatharam Munim

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,
Lakshmi Narasimhan

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