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thiruppavai 28

From: Padmanabhan (
Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 - 06:45:00 PST

kaRavaigaL pin chenRu

This pAsuram details the upAuya swarUpam. The next pAsuram details the upEya swarUpam.

We do not have sAsthric/vedic knowledge to attain You(gnAna yOgam).We do not perform our duties meticulously(karma yOgam).They do not have enough bhakthi (aRivondrum illAdha).Dont they have enough devotion? Yes they do have devotion but the devotion is not considered as a means to attain HIm.  We are going behind the cows and our knowledge is naught. Is this a qualification for attaining emperumAn? Do they have anything else?
Yes they have got Lord krishNA Himself.(puNNIyam yAmudaiyOm).
You have got all the qualities without any dilution (kuRai vondrum illAdha) for rescuing us.
Okay, He may have all the strengths to save us, but why should He save us. He has the characteristic to save us ( gOvindhA)
He may have the characteristic to save, but why He should save us- That is because we are the souls and He is the owner of the souls and this relationship can never be disowned (vuRavEal namakkingu vozhikka vozhiyAdhu)
Even if we have done any mistakes You please condone us and grant us our requirement. What is the mistake referred to here. 'sirupEAR'. We had called you as 'nArAyanA'and this is the mistake we have committed. How is this a mistake? 
The ARAyirappadi vyAkyAnam has clearly stated this. 
"thangaLukku asAdhAranamAyiruppavanai sAdhAranamAyiruppavan enRu solluvadhu kuRRamiRE" . The Lord has been very kind to them. He has been one among them unlike for others. They have expressed the common "nArAyanA" instead of the unique relatinship.
The term 'nArAyanA' can be expressed for establishing supremacy. For those who are submerged in His saulabhyam , saushElyam and rakshagathvam-swayed by 'gOvindhA'-is it fair to express the name 'nArAyaNa'? This is being explained for 'sirupEAr' by swAmi azhagia manavALap peurmAL nAyanAr in the great ARAyirappadi.

The karma,gnAna and bhakthi yOgam are not considred as means by srEvaishNavites. SAkshAth dharmam is sri krishNA who with His immense strengths and by His grace can save us, which we realise after considring the relationship with Him and the emptiness in our hands -as quid-pro-quo.
He is the upAyam.
vAnamAmalai padmanAbhan 

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