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after prapatti---doubts

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 14:37:48 PST

radhe krishna!
namo narayana

dear bhaktas,
adiyal has a doubt. it's stated that after one does prapatti, one should not 
bow 2 any other devathas except sriman narayana. so y do we have the idols 
of other deities in our perumal temples? and when we do enter our krishna's 
temple, r we s'posed to just ignore the other gods and just go straight to 
our kanna in garbhagraham?(this after one performs prapatti)

and aren't the other devathas and every other living being for that matter 
part of krishna? aren't the other devathas basically an anga of krishna? so 
wouldn't we be disrespectful to krishna if we ignore these devathas? and 
aren't these devathas, bhaagavatas as well since they pray to narayana as 
well? so how is it that once one does prapatti and pays respects to these 
devathas, one is doing a serious offence?

i'm really confused. :( after i got the answers on bhakthi and prapatti, all 
these OTHER questions have popped up in my mind. please help me understand.

thank u

radhe krishna
namo venkateshaya
andal thiruvadigale sharanam

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