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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 04:57:25 PST

 Iam sumithra varadarajan.I just want to put forth a
few points about the topic under discussion.These are
few things which have come to my small mind.please
forgive if there are any mistakes.
First think anthima smriti is absolutely
essential.This is proved in our sasthram and

sastram In Bhagavat geetha sri parthasarathy says,
 Anthakale cha mameva smaran ukthva kalabharan(8-5)
where he quotes that antimasmriti is absolute to
attain the feet of lord or what ever is the anthima
smriti the person attains the same in the next jenma.

sri kanchi devaperumals answer to sri ramanuja's
doubts through sri thirukachi nambi(six words)

Sri DEvadirajan says anthimasmriti varjanam
here again it is proved that anthima smriti is
absolutely essential.

At the end any person will think of what ever he has
liked or thought his life through so if we meditate on
god always it is sure we will think of him only.
In varaha puranam,sri varaha perumal gives a assurity
to his bhakthas 'If ur my bhakthan in the end when u
loose ur senses and are unable to think about me"Aham
smarami math Bhaktham nayami paramam gathim".So this
shows though anthimasmriti is essential if a bhakthan
fails by chance to think of the god the god himself
thinks of him and send him to nalla gathi.Again what
if god thinks of him means?This can be explained with
a incident in Ramayana.
Rama and lakshmana come to the place where sugriva
is.Both of them are in the same place but sugriva
fails to see rama until rama says "lakshmana why dont
u go to see sugriva maharaj"So even if we have to see
the lord it happens only with his sangalpam.So if the
lord thinks of u means u will remember him. that is
antima smriti.
Here perialwar's pasuram 'appodhaiku eppodae
sollivaithene'comes to our memory.There he says when
iam so healthy i do not do what i have to do how will
i remember u when iam in my death bed when non of the
senses are with me so I tell u now itself i will not
remember u but u can remember me .In my death bed, so
many people will surround me and say can u recognise
me Iam ur daughter, son ,wife etc.Similarly oh my lord
may u come in front of me and say Iam ur parama bandhu
which will take me to paramapadam.
Sri manavalamamunigal in his "Arthi prabhandam" says
'kanaga giri male karia mugil pol vinadhai siruvan
merkondu thanuvidum podu arrar arangar ethirasarka
enpal vara munnirpar magizhndu'
Here he says lord ranganatha will come in front of him
in garduaseva when his life goes.
people asks him,
Why should he come in front of u? He answers because
Iam a shisya of sri ramanuja for the sake of ramanuja
ranganatha is sure to give me the divyadarisanam in my
death bed so that i reach the loka from where i will
never return and will always be blessed withthe nithya
kainkaryam of the lord.
so from the above examples it is clear that antima
smrithi is absolutely necessary for anyone but in the
case of bhagavatals and bhakthas the god does it on
their behalf as he says in geetha
"Ananyath chinthayan thi mam ye jaya perupasathe
thesham aham samurdhartha mruthu samsara sagarath' 
I will lift the people who always meditate on me from
the ocean of life and death"

sumithra ramanuja dasyai

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