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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 05:16:19 PST

sri parthasarathy thunai,
srimathe ramanujaya namaha
dear bhagavatals,
  In my last mail about antima smriti I made a mistake
which i would like to rectify now.
  In Devaperumals six words to sri Ramanuja
Anthimasmriti varjanam means that anthimasmriti is not
needed.Her I would like to explain one
thing.Devadirajan here means that the antimasmriti for
the bhakthan is not necessary only.That is the lord
himself will do it instead of the bhakthan.So
amthimasmriti is there but the person who is having it
varies instead of the bhakthan the lord remembers
him.This I have explained further with the previous
mail with varaha puranam.
 So it is established that antima smriti is essential
but for a bhakthan it is shared by the lord himself.
The god is samadharshi rules are same for everyone but
he will guide and run the chariots of his bhakthas.

jai shri parthasarathy
sumithra ramanuja dasyai

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