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Everything is tightly packed in Lord Krishna

From: Rama Krishna K (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 02:31:58 PST

Priya Bhagawadbandhuvullara,
Asmathsree Gurubhyo Namaha
Srimannarayana Ramanuja Yathibhyo Namaha
Srimathay Narayananayanamaha
Srimathay Ramanujaya Namaha

Lord Krishna in 10th chapter, Vibhooti Yogam, explains elaborately that
He is the merit of each and everything very explicitly which is more
than enough to prove His supremacy.  In the following verse He says He
is the ever moving air and inexhaustible time (Kaalaha)  which shows
that every body  and everything whether he recognizes it or not is fully
packed in Lord Krishna and there is no way anybody can forget Him even
for a  millionth of a moment.

"pavanah pavatamasmi
Rama sastrabhrtam aham
jhasanam makaraschasmi
srotasamasmi jahnavi   10-31

I am the air among the ever-dynamic, Rama among the wielders of weapons,
Crocodile among the fish, Ganges among the rivers

'Akhsaranam akarowsmi
dvandvassamaasikasya cha
aha mayvakshayaha kaalaha
dhataham vishwatomukha'  10-33

I am the 'A' among the letters, dual word among the compounds, Time
among the inexhaustible and Brahma among the  multi faced

What else one needs to prove the ultimacy/supremacy of Lord Laxmi


Azhwar Emberumaanaar Jeeyar  Acharyar Divya Tiruvadigalay Saranam

Kilambi  RamakrishnaRamanuja Dasan

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