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Re: Is Sri Krisna moral?

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 01:44:02 PST

Hari Hari,

Dear Greg Michel,

I do not think, interactions through mails can answer
your questions comprehensively. I would make an
attempt to answer you little bit. Shree. M Cadambi has
already replied quite comprehensively.

All Avataaraas of ShreemanNaaraayana are just
flawless. After all, the purpose of every Avataaram is
"Dharma Samsthaapanam". Shree Krishnaavataaram is the
one, which at this age of Human life, comes very close
to everyone in leading +ve life.

After all, Mahaabhaarata battle itself was to a great
extent tailored by Shree Krishna, for the purpose of
"Dharma Samsthaapanam".  It was just very unfortunate
that very very great souls like Bheeshma, Droona,
Krupa, Karna were accompanying "Adharmam" by
accompanying "Dhuryodhana". There is a very very great
lesson for all of us from the lives of all these
people. The important point is, the practice of
"Sathyam" and "Dharmam" should go hand in hand.
Generally "Dharmam" is that something which results in

I wish you would get to read good books on (or listen
to good lectures on) Mahabharata, Bhagavad Geeta,
Bhaagavatham and others.

Hari Hari

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