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Re: Differences between Bhakti & Prapatti- Sri Velukkudi Krishnan

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 15:51:47 PST

SrImathE Ramanujaya namah:
Dear Smt Raji Sridhar,

Your active participation is amazing and is greatly appreciated.
What you mentioned about remembering the Lord at the final moment is 
applicable for bhakti yOgam. For one who has performed prapatti (Sarangathi) 
at the feet of the Lord in lieu of Bhakti Yogam, the final remembrance is 
NOT required. It is not told by us. It is told by the Lord Varaha to BhUmi 
PiraaTTi and also by Lord PerruLALan- Varadarajan of Kanchi to Thirukkacchi 
Nambhi as decribed below:

Thirukkacchinambhi is the one who asked (on request from RamanujA) Sri 
Varadaraja PerumAL and obtained from Lord Varadaraja the famous ' Six Words 
' and passed them on to RamanujA.  He (Nabhi) was repotred tp have been in 
talking terms with PerumAL when he used to Thiruvaalavattam (fan- visiRi) 
The six words are: (as told by Lord Varadarja Himself to NambhigaL)

1 ahamEva Parathvam.  I- "Lord Narayana" is the Paramatma.
2 dharsnam bhEda Eva cha. :Individual souls are different from
3 upAyEshu prapatthisyAth- Prapatti (SaranAgathy- Complete Surrender) is the 
means to attain mOksham.
4 antima smruthi varjanam- Last remembrance of the Lord on the death bed is 
NOT necessary.
5 DhEhaavasaanE mukthisyAth- mOksham can be obtained the moment one
(prapannan) lays off the present mortal body
6 PoorNaachaarya smaashrayam- MahApoorNar (Periya Nambhi) is the
AchAryan for RamanujA, under whom RamanujA should take refuge. (meaning: 
AchAryan alone is the REFUGE……)

Trust it clarifies.
AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Namo Narayana
Pranams Sriman Vijay

Could you please explain more on point 5.

Till now I was under the impression "anthima smaran"
is important and even if we do not think Him
throughout our life, because of Prapatti Lord will
make us remember at the very last moment. (Like
Ajamilan and like "Bharatha Rishi" who lost his tapas
because of deer).

Pranams once again
raji sridhar

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