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Dayadevi journal

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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 15:37:38 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Dear Bhagawathas:

Sri Ramanuja Mission of Dombivili**, Mumbai was formed to 
disseminate the philosophy, life, service, and teachings of 
Sri Bhagavath Ramanuja, through lecture-demonstrations and 
the quarterly journal - Dayadevi.

This digest is primarily dedicated to the propagation and 
study of Sri Ramanuja's philosphy, in addition to promoting 
Indian  Classical Dance and Music.

Recent articles (in English/Tamil) include -
- The coverage of H.H Srimad Azhagiya Singar's Vijaya Yatra 
   to Mumbai in December 2000 
- Azhwars in Thiruvenkatam 
- Sri Annamacharya - A Multidimensional Composer
- Sri Nathamuni - An Exponent of Srivaisnavism
- The Music of Divya Prabhandam 
- Marghazi: Month of Melody and Devotion 
- Thirumangai Mannan on Ahobilam
- Palghat Mani Iyer
- Saranagati
- Percussive Arts
- Guhan in Ramayana
- Araiyar Sevai

The forthcoming issue covers His Holiness Srirangam 
Srimad Andavan's current vijaya yatra to Mumbai.

The contributors include scholars like 
Sri T.S Parthasarathy, Sri K.K.A Venkatachari, 
Sri K.S. Mahadevan, Smt. (Dr.) Prema Nandakumar and many

Subscribtion Rates (within India):
Annual Subscription -          Rs.   40/-
Life Membership -              Rs. 1001/-   
Institutional Membership       Rs. 1500/-
Journal co-sponder (per issue) Rs. 5000/-
Donor Patron                   Rs. 5000/-
No. of pages - approximately 40

The yearly subscription for NRIs is $25. 

For further details, please contact the Editor/Publisher,

Sri (Prof.) S. Narayanan Iyengar
Shri Ramanuja Mission
RH.44 Flat 1, Alhad, MIDC,Phase 2,
Sudama Nagar,Dombivili(E),
PIN 421 203 Maharashtra.
Ph: 0251-421388/389

Contributors are also invited to send relevent articles 
in English/Tamil for publication. News and photographs 
are also welcome. Please confirm the topic with 
Sri Narayanan Iyengar.

**NOTE: Sri Ramanuja Mission of Dombivili, Mumbai is NOT 
affiliated, in any way, with Sri Ramanuja Mission of USA.


adiyEn requests all students of vedanta and music, and all 
thiruvadis of our Acharya Ramanuja, to support this magazine 
through member subscriptions. 

Sri Narayanan Iyengar and his team are performing a noble 
kainkaryam in educating beginners, including adiyEn, on important 
topics of our sampradayam.

A few subscriptions would go a long way in boosting their 

raamaanNujaarya divyaajNYaa varththadhaamabivarththadhaam!

adiyEn ramanuja daasan,

Srimath Andavan thiruvadi.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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