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Re: QUIZ (SrI Ramanuja's greatest contribution)

From: tg_ram (
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 13:22:19 PST

SrImatE bhagavatE SrI-bhAshyakAra mahA-dESikAya nama:

aDiyEn thinks that the greatest significance of bhagavad-rAmAnuja's 
avataaram is his revelation of the most subtle SarIrAtma-bhaavam 
intrinsically embedded in the Vedas themselves, which he uses to 
consistently explain the true import of the vedaanta in its 
_entirety_, rejecting neither the bheda-Sruti nor the abheda-Sruti.

Without a proper understanding of the true relationship between the 
ISvara, jIva-s & the world as revealed in the most fundamental 
vaidika-concept of SarIraatma-bhaavam by bhagavad-raamaanuja,  even 
aazvaar SrI-sUktis could mislead & stump a sincere seeker.   

Of course, bhagavad-rAmAnuja could easily recognize the key concept 
of SarIraatma-bhaavam intrinsically found in the veda-s due to the 
Divine Grace of the aazhvaars.  
Ironically,  though SrI namaazvaar is glorified in the tradition 
as "vEdam tamizh seyda maaran", even some of namaazhvaar's 
emotionally bhakti-laden SrI suukiti's could stump & mislead a 
sincere philosophical seeker without a proper objective understanding 
of the underlying Sariiraatma-bhaavam (as revealed in the vEda-s) 

Thus it is aDiyEn's belief that bhagavad-rAmAnuja's greatest gift is 
his vedaantically authentic SrI suuktis which guard even aazhvaar's 
own paasurams (some of which can be as ambiguous as the veda's 

It is no wonder that svAmi SrI vEdanta-dESikan glorifies bhagavad-
rAmAnuja's SrI suukti-ss in SrI-paadukaa-sahasram thus:

    "jayati yati-raaja-suuktiH 
     jayati mukundasya paadukaa yagalii
     tad ubhaya-dhanaa: tri-vEdiim
     avandhyayantaH jayati bhuvi-santaH" [SrImad-paadukaa-sahasram"

aDiyEn Ramkumar rAmAnuja-dAsan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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