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RE: [SriRangaSri] QUIZ: let me get at least one answer even if the question is too fundamental

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 17:18:07 PST

Dear bhAgavatAs,

SrI krishnA's question might be simple but I'm afraid there is no one
'right' answer.

AchAryA srI rAmanujA's contributions to 'Hindu' philosophy, and srI
Vaishnavam in particular, are absolutely stupendous in that any one specific
contribution of his can be taken and argued as the most revolutionary and it
would be quite convincing! To that effect, it really makes our job easier.

Yet, for the sake of having to choose one, my limited knowledge tells me his
systematizing of the temple management / administration through the
appointment of simhAsanAdipatis is perhaps more revolutionary than the rest
of his contributions. There were many philosophers, AchAryAs, poets, saints,
vEdAntins, and religious scholars pre and post srI rAmAnujA but none came
close to srI bAshyakArar's vision in conceptualizing and institutionalizing
a system that has stood the test of time and flexibly adapted itself time
and again over several generations and continues to flourish.

Without srI yatirAjar's effort in this area, I doubt if we would've come
this far because, regardless of the depth of the (visistAdvatic) philosophy
or the appealing and all encompassing nature of the (srI vaishnavA)
religion, and the brilliants works of our AchAryAs, the temples serve and
remain the connecting bridge between us and our perumAl. Without our temples
we will hardly have any inclination to reach for bhagavAn and without srI
rAmAnujA's contribution we would hardly be seeing these temples today in
such glory and grandeur.

As srI ahObilam's homepage reiterates: srI rAmAnujArya divyAgnyA vardhatAm


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QUIZ:  What is the MOST REVOLUTIONARY CONTRIBUTION to the world of Hindu
Philosophy by Sri Ramanujacharya and why is it so? - please explain.



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