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Re: QUIZ: let me get at least one answer even if the question is too fundamental

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 14:42:19 PST

Dear Sri.Krishna Kashyap:
The answer to this question can be given in various angles. The 
one that I feel as most revolutionary is the following:

Sri.Ramanuja has proved the SOCIAL CAUSE behind the Vedic 
philosophy, which is considered to be our Pramana. This is 
obvious by His work on framing a theory to break the feedback 
cycle of Samsara in order to exist at the Highest Level of Bliss
(for jivas). The first line from His Brahma Sutra Bashya(starts 
with: For the welfare of all the Jivatmas in the whole creation 
that includes all the galaxies..) clearly shows His Social 
concern behind His work.

He pleads for Nitya Kaimkaryam to the Supreme Being in the 
state of Moksha(whatever the form of kaimkaryam be, chosen by 
the Supreme Being's will). Here, relationship to Brahman is 
established through Service to Him. 

Coming down to the most physical layer of existence of Jivatmas
(I mean their existence in different forms of living bodies), 
Acharyan has clearly shown His Socialistic view, by preaching 
the Charama Slokam(Showing the path to Moksha) to the whole 
mankind by violating His Acharyan's words.

Hence, in my view point(bound by my limitations), I consider 
the Social Concern as the revolutionary entity behind all His 
works and life.


srI rAmAnuja dAsan,
Ramanan Rajagopalan

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world of Hindu
> Philosophy by Sri Ramanujacharya and why is it so? - please 

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