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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 08:30:16 PST

srimathe ramanujaya namaha.
our pranamams to everyone in the bhakti group
  Though we have been part of this group for quite
sometime we have missed giving a introduction till
let me first give u all a brief introduction about me
and my wife.
Iam varadarajan presently in U.S. on deputation by the
TCS for a year.
We are basically from chennai.My grandfather belongs
to karrapangadu village in the tanjore district.He was
doing kainkaryams to tirupati perumal for quite some
My wife sumithra was born and brought up under the
lotus feet of shri parthasarathy perumal
thiruallikeni.Her grand father,late,shri
athicholamangalam ramanujam iyengar was a
theerthakarar in the parthasarathy temple
we are shisyas of his holiness shri vannamamalai
kaliyen ramanuja jeeyar.
we do miss our home soil,the utsavams and satsangams
very much as it is only one month since we came to
America.But it is very nice to be a part of this
bhakthi group so that we have the satsanga anubhavam
through the internet
we happened to see the site on vedic mantras by shri
Here is a small doubt
some of the vedic mantras during marriage cermony are
to be recited by the bride.When ladies are not allowed
to recite vedas how is that there are vedic mantras
which they have to recite.I have heard people say that
the husband is supposed to recite on her behalf.Is
there any proof in the vedas which says that the
ladies are not suppossed to recite vedas and that
those portions given for the ladies are to be recited
by the husbands instead of the lady herself
please explain with vedic references
adiyen ramanuja dasan
adiyen ramanuja dasyai
sumithra varadarajan

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