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Apoorva Ramayanam

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 18:01:10 PST

Apoorva Ramayanam-V
“kO gunavAn?” – Sowsheelya guna - continued

Another sheela guna of Sri Rama can be observed in
saying “gachchAnujAnAmi ranArthithas thvam pravichya
rathrinchara raja lankAm AshvAchya niryAhi” to Ravana-
“thiruvinai piritha kodumaiyiR kaduvisai arakkan”- go
back to night to your Lanka and come back tomorrow,
when Ravana lost his everything and was waiting to be

Another instance is when Sri Rama displayed his maha
gunas- Dasaratha calls him and says tomorrow is his
coronation day and the next day calls him and tells
him to go to the forest at the instance of his wife,
Sri Rama’s mental state did not change – it is
referred to as “vanavasO mahOdaya:” by Valmiki. What
we understand from this is that Sri RamA was happy to 
go to the forest where his sheela gunas will light up
the environment, which chance he will not have at

Sri Rama went to the rishis in DandakAranyA and when
they told them of their sufferings, He pained that he
was late in coming to them, begged their
pardon-“prasEthanthu bhavanthO mE hrEshO hi mamAthula.
Yathithrusai raham viprai rupasthEyai rupasthitha:”.
Also to VishvAmitra, who had just said “aham vEdmi
mahAtmAnam rAmam satyaparAkramam”, he submitted that
he and his brother are his servants and are beholden
to do whatever the rishi orders and will be pleased
with and requested the rishi to take their service. 
Such is Sri RamA’s sheela guna.

We shall continue with the next question –“ka:
vIryavAn?” and savour RamA’s sowvIryam in the next
Adiyen Sri Vaishnava Dasan Selva narana ramanujan.

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