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From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 10:43:22 PST

an interesting question!.  IT just depends on the strength of a person's
heart! if one has great bhakti to srimannarayana or sri Krishna, strong
arguments from advaitic perspective cannot change them or hurt them. Hence
a person needs to be careful not be swayed by the logic of advaita if one
thinks that he/she is not capable of mentally solving all the riddles that
may occur while reading advaita. However such a process can either give
clarifications to all unasked or hidden questions in the mind or wrongly
influence the weak minded to get influenced by advaita!

However, sribhasya takes advaita as prima facie view before it gives its
arguments against it. Hence a good study of advaita is necessary to
understand visistadvaita.  However, sri Ramanujacharya does mention, if one
cannot deal with the complexities of arguments of these terse kind in the
bramhasutras, one should resort to simpler devotional works on the lord,
like vishnupurana or sharanagati gadyam etc.

Since, the task of sri Ramanujacharya was to establish "saguna bramha
paratva" *( absoluteness of saguna bramha), mayavada khandana (refutation of
maya school), most of his works deal with a great deal of advaita
refutation.  I guess historically gaudiya vaishnavism nurtured the thought
that involving deeply in interscholastic arguments is a waste of time and
spending one's time in pure bhakti to sri krishna is the best method.  Even
in visistadvaita several people feel that one should spend all his/her time
in service of the lord.

It depends on stage of evolution of the mind of the seeker.

adiyen krishna kashyap

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 Dear  ,

Recently i read on the website that "To
understand Visishtadvaita, one must also understand
It would be nice if someone could clarify this
further. I do not know very much of Ramanuja's works.
I know that Gaudiya vaisnavas say that one should not
at all read the Sariraka-bhasya of Adi Sankara. This
seems completely opposite in the Sri sampradaya. Is
this so?

Thank you,

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