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Apoorva Ramayanam-IV

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 18:00:00 PST

Apoorva Ramayanam – IV
“kO gunavAn?” – Sowsheelya guna - continued

Here one doubt arises. Sastras say “hEnaprEshyam
hEnasakkyam hEnakEna niveshanam” – that is serving
nEchas, being friends with them, going to their houses
etc are sins and should not be done. If so, can
Perumal do such things? The answer is that it is
applicable to us who do not have poorthi in any gunas
– i.e. we are governed by trigunas- while Perumal has
sudhdha sattva and all kalyana gunas and no amala, and
when he mixed with people below him, his greatness
grows and shines. Pandava thUthan, Partha sarathy etc
names highlight his greatness and gunas.

Sabari’s naivEthyam
Sri Desikar has written “nishAthAnAm nEthA
kapikulapathi: kApi sabarE” while citing example of
gunas of Perumal in Dhaya Satakam. Hence we shall take
up Sabari’s naivEthyam also. In Sri Vachana BhUshanam
vyAkyAnam of Sri ManavAla mAmunigal, while discussing
“sabarya pUjithas samyak RamO dasarathAthmaja:”, Sri
Mamunigal says “than nAvukku inithai iruntha” fruits
were kept by sabari for Sri Rama. Hence even though
Valmiki does not spend much time on Sabari in Srimad
Ramayanam, his words “samyak” means Sri Rama’s
partaking Sabari’s “than nAvukku inithai iruntha”
Here one question arises. When with Guhan, Sri Rama
refuses to take anything from Guha saying that
“yaththvitham bhavathA kinjit prEthya samupakalpitham,
sarvam thathanujAnAmi na hi varthE prathigrahey”- that
he has vowed not to take anything from anybody;
however if Guha wants to give something, he can give
food to the horses which are hungry and thirsty.

Here Sri Rama used the words “nahi varthE
prathigrahey”. Guha offered only honey etc and not
food or dress materials. Hence saying He has vowed not
to take anything from anybody, is it necessary? We
should also note that with Sabari, Sri Rama stated
“archchidOham thvaya bhakthyA” and took the fruits
which were tasty to Sabari’s toungue. Sri  ManaVala
Mamunigal explains that Sabari had the exquisite
qualities of “guru sushrUshai” which Guha did not
have. The beautiful sloka of Sri Desikar in Sankalpa
SuryOdhayam “bhagavath bharadvajE bhukthis thathaa
sabarEgruhey” – Perumal had food at Sabari’s
thirumaligai also as he had in Sri Bharadvajar’s 
Sowsheelya gunanubhavam to be continued.
Adiyen Sri Vaishnava Dasan – Selva narana ramanujan

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