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An Eye witness Part I

From: Guna Venkat (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 17:42:07 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaye namaha

Dear Srivaishnavas,
Adiyen wish to share with you the great Utsavam moments Adiyen enjoyed during gmy recent Indian trip on Karthigaiyil Karthigai( too late but no matter!!) and also a rare Utsavam on Pagal pathu at Thiruvali Thirunagari.

Karthigayil Karthigay

Though Adiyen wished to attend on  all the 10 days of Karthigay utsavam but I was blessed with only form 7th day Utsavam only. Alwar had the Thirukolam of Thirukannapuram Sowriraja Perumal ,  ( I think if Sowriraja Perumal happened to see it He himself will declare that only Alwar is the Original and he is only a Photo copy!, you can really see that Alwar's thirumuga mandalam changing according to the Thirukolam, and that too Alwar seems to be enjoying so much of hearing Thirukannapuram Paasurams ( from Peria Thirumozhi) with Sowriraja Thirukolam.

(Normally in all DDs Thiruvoimozhi will not be recited in Veedhi purapadu and will be recited only in sitting posture not in walking, this is only to depict the greatness of Thiruvoimozhi . Similarly in Thiruvali Thirunagari , Peria Thirumozhi gets the same.)

Next day Alwar attires Himself with the Vennai Thaali , Now Kutti Kannan will have to look for another posture to depict His Sowlabyam, etc. 

In the same day night Alwar's speciality , kudarai vahanam (Aadalmaa) , Now in this Sevai Alwar will really show you how He was looking like a Thirumangai Mannan (Before becoming the Alwar) . Alwar was really in all glittering in the night with the Arulicheyal Ghosti.

Next day is the Karthigay, Veerudaya Karthigayil Karthigay Naal.

I wish to post it on the following message , Just wait for the Photos for this raring, blessing glimpses of Alwar, I will update it soon.

PL note that - There are lot of Srivaishnavas who had contributed to the Utsavam towards various Kaimkaryams (Tadhiyadharanam, Sripada kaimkaryam, Arulicheyal Kaimkaryam etc) . Adiyen bought all necessary Vegetables/Kaimkarya materials and contributed on their behalf to the Embar Thirumaligais who are are doing the kaimkaryam regularly. On this Occasion I wish to Thank all the Srivaishnavas who took part( and also who intended to but not due to various reasons)  on the Kaimkaryam, and sure that Alwar's blessings will bring many more great moments in their family through all means. Now I could understand the meaning of Dwayam's Uthra Vaakyam- "srimathe Narayanaya namha" - Doing the Kaimkaryam to the Fullfilment of His Thiruvullam not ours.

Thirumangai Alwar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Gunaseelan Venkatachary
Ph:408 588 6672

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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