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Hinduism and other religions
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 08:26:28 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

Sri Hari Krishnan said:
 >>> I once again want to lay emphasis on one fact.  I write this without the 
least little trace of malice towards other religions.  I respect the Bible, 
in fact have read it as zealously as a Christian. If at all one wants to 
understand other religions - even one's own religion for that matter - one 
should have a very open heart and mind.  That was why Mahatma Gandhi could 
say, 'I read the Bible and my understanding of the Gita increased a 

Hindus have embraced the noble thoughts from every source. It is not the noble
things found in other books that bother Hindus or Hinduism. What bothers both
are the NOT SO NOBLE TRUTHS (NSNT) found in all religious texts including the 
whole body of hindu Scriptures. NSNT found in Hindu Scriptures have done most 
harm to the Hindus themselves (and continues yo haunt us in the form of  back 
lash).  NSNT found in other religions such as Christianity and Islam, have 
also harmed Hindus (and continue to harm Hindus). Both Islam and Christianity 
claim exclusivity to their faiths. Based on the Bible and Koran (I have read 
both many times), we can readily conclude that the Hindus are infidels, 
kafirs, and devil worshippers. They are guranteed to burn in hell for 
etrnity. They are crop ready for conversion, or subjugation. Let us also not 
forget what Jinnah said about Gandhi:
Gandhi is a good person, but any Muslim is better than him.
Honestly, people of other  religions act as what they think of Hinduism based 
on their scriptures and certainly not what we think of their religious books. 
I think religious understanding also includes understanding other religions 
from their point of view. Most Hindus (including Gandhi) have spent lot of 
time understanding other religions with a Hindu mind. Which is good, but 
half-baked. It is this kind of understanding that gave us a half-baked 
partition of India for which we are paying dearly.  Our understanding stands 
incomplete, until we try to understand from their point of view as well.  


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar

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