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Re: pAnchAlii, Poyandary & mahAbhArata-upabrAhmaNam

From: Balakrishnan M (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 07:17:12 PST

Dear Tg Ram,

With regards to your question about polyandric
character of Draupadi, le me provide some information
based on my limited knowledge of the Mahabhrata. The
case of Draupadi was exceptional according to Srila
Vyasadeva as she prayed 5 times to Lord Siva to get
good husbands in her previous life. In her previous
life she was Nalayani. Let me recall the story of
Nalayani that can be found in Mahabhrata itself.

Nalayani was married to an old man called Mudagalya
and she was always faithful to her husbands. Once
Mudgalya was cursed by a rishi to die when the sun
rises. Nalayani angrily said " if my husband must die
at sunrise, then the sun must not rise again" The
power of her chastity was great that the sun god
himself came and the rishi withdrew his curse.

It was stated Nalayani had great sexual desire and
asked her husband to expand 5 parts to enjoy her and
Mudagalya did according to her wish. (If I am not
mistaken yogi's can expand up to 9 forms, I remember
in Srimad Bhagavatham Kardama Muni expanded himself
into 9 forms to satisfy Devahuti).

After several years Mudagalya grew tired of sexual
pleasures but not for Nalayani. Mudagalya was more
interested in his spritual life. He cursed Nalayani
that in her next birth she will have 5 husbands and
she will enjoy sex with all 5 of them.

After 5 times she prayed to Lord Siva to get a good
husband, Lord Siva gave her a boon that she would have
five husbands simultaneously. 

Hope it helps. Other acaryas/bhagavathas can provide
answers for the rest of the question posted by Tg Ram.

Penang, Malaysia

--- tg_ram <> wrote:
> SrImatE nigamAnta mahAdESikAya nama:
> Dear Friends
> Any thoughts on the polyandric character of
> draupatii ?
> Unfortunately Itihaasa-s, being a truthful record of
> history, had to 
> record even such disgusting events. 
> Do vedantins reject such topics as irrelevant to
> their interests?
> Do our aachaarya-s give mahaa-bhaarata (as well as
> SrImad rAmAyaNam)  
> the status of upa-braahmaNam (ie valid supporting
> scriptures) to 
> properly understand the apaurshEya-veda-s ?
> Do we simply ignore away such things in
> smRti/itihaasa/puraaNa texts 
> that not directly relevant to adhyaatma-SAstra ?
> My question refers to upabraahmaNa-s _only_ .
> It is a different matter that some vedAntic schools,
> just to suit 
> their own tailor-made philosophies, conveniently
> reject even parts of 
> vedas they could not provide proper explanation for.
> aDiyEn rAmkumAr rAmAnuja-dAsan
> "  praNAmam lakshmaNa muni: pratigRhnatu mAmakam |
>    prasAdayati yat sUkti: svAdIna patikAm Srutim ||
> "
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