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Re: [SriRangaSri] saranagathi & karma===question

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 06:18:53 PST

The story of Ajamila in Bagavatham dispells any doubt
over the potency and domain regarding
maha visvasam and staunch faith. This tends to 
obsolve the individual of any responsibility or
even being conscious of Sriman Narayana. Mere
brings the goods.
However in Gita Acharyan presents the process by which
HE eliminates all things bad for his devotees.
Once an individual starts on the path, slowly and
steadily, that individual is surrounded by all things
good (thoughts, friends, family) and thus slowly 
and steadily Jeevathma will raise to the threshold
and attain the thing that matters at all in life.

Azwar have rendered the efficacy in a very similar
manner. Thirumangai says "Petra thaieenum aayeena
saiyum" meaning supplciating to "Namo NArayana" 
will bring more good than everything including one's

If you need exact reference please send me a note.
Anandavalli Dasan
--- kalaivani retnavellu
<> wrote:
> radhe krishna!
> namo venkateshaya
> dear bhaagavatas,
> adiyal has a doubt. i've heard that once we do
> saranaagathi to krishna, he 
> takes on all our karma and makes the account a
> complete zero. then again 
> i've also heard that, once we do saranaagathi to
> kanna, we still have to 
> deserve our karma, but it will be reduced greatly
> due to krishna's mercy. 
> but ultimately one will have to deserve one's karma.
> so the question is, which is rite? does kanna get
> rid of all the karma or 
> does he reduce the potency of it? please shed some
> light on this as i'm 
> really confused. :(
> thank u. :)
> lottsa krishna premai
> kalaivani
> radhe shyam
> namo narayana
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