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govindhan gunam paadi en aavi kaaththiruppen -post 4

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 02:41:29 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Let us continue singing the gOvindhan gunam. 

Before that, in last post, again I made a mistake. The paasuram "mulaiyO" is
by nam aazhvaar and is taken from thiruviruththam and not thiruch chandha
viruththam. While I said nam aazhvaar paasuram I missed the thiruviruththam
and stated as thiruchchandha viruththam. Please pardon me for that. Also
many thanks to Sri. T.V.Venkatesh of triplicane for pointing out this
mistake of mine in a private mail.

We saw daddy Periyaazhvaar had the doubt on aaNdaaL, since she was enjoying
the embrace of gOvindhan, for now she started saying "please send me to
dwaraka, the kingdom of my gOvindhan". See verse 

koottilirunthu kiLi eppOdhum gOvindhaa gOvindhaa enRu azhaikkum 
oottakkodaadhu seRuppanaagil ulagaLanthaan enRu uyarak koovum
naattil thalaip pazhi eidhi ungaL nanmai izhanthu thalai idaathE
soottuyar maadangaL soozhnthu thOnRum thuvaraapathikku ennai uiththidumin
12-9 nachchciyaar thirumozhi

meaning: From the cage the parrot calls "gOvindha, gOvindhaa". When I give a
direction to my servants "do not give any food to this parrot", then it will
start calling at the top of his /her voice saying, "thrivikrama" the lord,
who measured all the worlds. Before you get any slanderous words from others
concerning me, in your own interest, please send me to dhwaraka, where you
can find lots of high-rise buildings.

1.	This is part of the set of 9 paasurams aaNdaaL asking father,
friends, and relatives to help her reach different places where krishna
lived. This particular verse is asking the near ones to leave her in
dwaraka, the capital of kingdom of krishna. 

2.	AaNdaal says "I only trained the parrot to say gOvindhaa. So,
whenever I see her, she starts gOvindha, I have to respond her saying

	That is why there are 2 gOvindha naamam here in the verse. 

3.	This is like saying "good morning" ram ram, hari om, etc nowadays.

4.	AaNdaaL now says "but since I am upset in mood now, because
gOvindhan teased me by just starting embracing me, but left me suddenly when
I started enjoying his embrace. Thus he is not allowing me to enjoy his
embrace nor his proximity". 

5.	AaNdaaL continues "may be father was standing near and so he left.
But that made me to crave more for him, more and more". When I come here
near the cage this parrot reminds me saying gOvindha. Then I start becoming
nervous expecting his nearness and embrace again. Father also watches me
closely now than earlier days. That also adds to the problem.

6.	To look at another angle the same paasuram again- this koodu also
means the body, the cage for arresting the soul inside. Parrot is the soul,
inside the body cage, which sings gOvindhaa, means meditates on gOvindhan,
contemplates on gOvindhan, does the gOvindha naama japam. 

7.	When gOvindhan does not respond to this soul calling him, the
response being the food for that soul parrot, the oottam, the nourishment,
then this soul starts calling "oh thrivikrama"- then the craving also goes

8.	For nothing is impossible that vaamanan who measured all the worlds
as thrivikraman. If he can not give that nourishment, who else can give this
nourishment to this soul. Who else is bigger and stronger than him.

9.	Hey thrivikrama- thalaiyidaathE seRuppanaagil- if you are not going
to respond giving nourishment to this parrot and get angry with this soul-
then you will lose the advantage ungaL nanmai izhanthu- also you will be
ridiculed- you will get thalaip pazhi. Hey, that girl, that parrot, called
gOvindhaa all the time- as the name suggests he has to save her- but that
thrivikraman, gOvindhan has failed her. Why he should have that big name. He
is not worth that name. 

10.	"Hey folks- at least put me in dhwaraka" she says, for I know,
gOvindha, you are the king there. Like all people in ayOdhdhi got mOksham,
when raama finally left for his abode in srivaikuntam, I will also have the
chance to reach srivaikuntam along with the crowd in dhwaraka. Let you not
show any special favour to me. 

11.	Another beauty is that word "uyara"- tall or at the top of the
height ulagaLanthaan enRu uyarak koovum - when the soul parrot is
continuously singing gOvindha, then it goes into dhyaanam and there by into
yOga samaadhi. Then the top most lotus point sahasraaram opens up- as stated
in the kuNdalini, the yOga saasthra etc- and this gOvindha dhyaanam
continues. That is why it is uyarak koovum- at the highest point. Oh, what a
simple beauty. GOvindha gOvindha.    

12.	Further if ulagaLandhaan has to hear, that tall person, then the
parrot has to shout at the top of the voice only- from inside the cage- any
chance that parrot will be heard? No. then it is only the soul's cry for
that gOvindhaa, and he will hear whether it is uyara or thaazhntha [high or
low] if he wants to hear.

13.	Then a doubt comes- that child aaNdaaL will know all this yOga
saasthram etc. yes, it is all that gOvindha prasaadham. 

14. Here a filmi song from "meera" comes to my mind, which reads
p. 	maRaindha kooNdil irundhu vidudhalai 
piRandha paRavai viraindhOdhudhE 

a.p 	niRainda veLi nilaa vaanilE thannai 
maRandhu iRaivan aruL paadudhE 

ch.	thiRandha veLLam pOl en uLLam kaNNanin 
		malarndha karuNaik kazhal naadhudhE 
		piRandha payan inRu adaindha meeraavin uyir 
uvandhu aanandha kadal aadudhE 

The bird is hurrying and running which got freedom from the cage for the
cage disappeared. 
The bird sings the god's grace from the open courtyard into the sky filled
with that moon. 
Like the flood which gushes out when the gates are open, my mind craves for
the grace of the kannan 's feet. Meera's soul got its fruits of having born
in this world and so gets drowned in the sea of pleasure, joy, happiness of
kaNNan kazhal the feet of gOvindhan.

[May be it is a film song. But the author has simply lived meera's life in
this song. May be it is Sri Kalki krishnamoorthy or Sri Papanasam sivan . I
am not sure. Please help me to know the author correctly]. 

Please read together aaNdaaL and meera and you will realise what are the
real fruits of that gOvindhan guNam paaduthal.


Vasudevan m.g.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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