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Comparisons with Christianity
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 21:01:38 PST

Dear members:

There have been some posts recently comparing sanAtana/vedic
religion with Christianity, alongwith defensive arguments to
justify how our religion is as good as theirs, etc.

IMHO there is no need for such comparisons/defences which
arise from the petty efforts of proselytizing missionaries,
eager to take cheap shots at an ancient religion that has
stood the test of time.  There is a saying in colloquial
Hindi, that an elephant has no fear of a barking dog!

Once Sri Sadagopan had referred to a scholarly publication
called "The Veda and the Torah" - which compared the vedic
and semitic religions from a very academic standpoint.  I
feel we must limit our interactions with baahya mathams to
such intelligent curiousity only, instead of dignifiying
the malicious attempts of proselytizers by paying attention
to their unscrupulous, ignorant ramblings.

-Srinath C.

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