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RE: mutts, monasteries

From: Sriram Ranganathan (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 12:48:35 PST

Dear Ms Raji Sridhar / Members,

GrihastAshram is considered very important since we learn a whole lot about
life and the responsibilities of teamwork, leadership, and people management
during this phase - beginning with taking a partner to begetting and
bringing up good children to assisting our parents who are transitioning to
their next phase  - we go through a full-life cycle. Of course, our society
has changed considerably in that all of us no longer proceed to take-up
vanaprastham or sanyAsam.

I am not sure if the last two stages are in fact prescribed for all or just
a select few who have the requisite capacity. More experienced members can
explain further with scriptural references.

This is (perhaps) why in srI vaishnavA tradition our jEyars or head pontiffs
are nominated so, after they've experienced grihastAshram first-hand - so
that they can relate to the hardships faced by an ordinary head of the
household and offer appropriate advice having risen above such challenges.
Thus, our achAryAs stand as true examples of living by what they preach.


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Subject: Re: mutts, monasteries


I have heard from my elders that Grihasthashram is
greater than Sanyashramam.  I don't know why? Can
someone tell me more about this.

raji sridhar

<> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have Four Ashrams in a life.
> 1) Brahmacharyam    :    Early part of life
> (Childhood)
> 2) Grihastham           :    Married life
> 3) Vanaprastham      :    Leaving Worldly pleasures
> 4) Sanyasam            :     Ascetic life
> According to ancient texts, a person who has been in
> all these 4 ashramas
> does surely know what life is and has a fair
> knowledge of Vairagyam
> (Renunciation).
> Vijay

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