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caste hirearchy

From: krishnan seshadri (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 17:06:45 PST

The sequence of avatars of Vishnu tell us two
things.The first one is evolution process and the
second is the caste hirearchy.

1.matsya - Fish -which lives in water
2.Kurma - Tortoise-amphibian
3.Varaha - pig - which lives in land
4.Narasimha - a hybrid between  between animal and  
the next avatar man.
5.Vamana - dwarf -brahmin
6. Parasurama -man - brahmin 
7. Rama - man -kshathriya
8. balarama-man - yadava
9.krishnan - man - yadava.
the evolution is always from lower to higher forms of
life.the caste hirearchy which is free from individual
perceptions/interpretations is evident from the
above.One has to understand that everyone has a role
to play,duty yo perform which has to be free from
p.s.medical research has shown that pigs blood is
closest to that of human blood.maybe someone should
study the tortoise too?

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