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Restart of SaraNAgathi Journal : Volumes 4.01 and 4.02 dated Jan 15 and 19 .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 13:26:13 PST


Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear BhakthAs:

On Thai SravaNam day ( Jan 15, 2002) , SaraNAgathi 
Journal was restarted after a hiatus of few months.
We are focusing now on Swamy Desikan's ChillaRai
RahasyangaL . These are deep granthams and adiyEn will
try my level best to add clear explanations as much as
possible as the Kaimkaryam progresses.This release 
is the second in this series on ChillaRai RahasyangaL.

We are starting with Amrutha Ranjani RahasyangaL .
The first among them is SampradhAya Parisuddhi .
Our Blemishless SampradhAyam ( SrI SampradhAyam ) 
is known otherwise as SadAchArya SampradhAyam . 
It commences with our Lord , Sriman NaarAyaNan and 
continues onto today's AchAryAs( prakrutham AchAryAs). 
It is totally free of any blemish and this ChillaRai 
Rahasyam deals with the blemishles nature of this Parama
Vaidhika SampradhAyam. 

As always at the beginning of His Rahasya Granthams,
Swamy Desikan has a prefatory verse in Tamil or 
Sanskrit and concludes the granthams with a concluding
verse in Tamil or Sanskrit. They serve as "book ends"
as it were. 

The beginning verse in Tamil for Sri SampradhAya 
Parisuddhi is a beautiful one stressing the importance
of performing Prapatthi :

Tamm Bharam yenRu irangit-taLarA manam tanthu aruLAl
umbhar Thozhum ThirumAl  uhanthu yERkum upAyam onRAl
namm piRavit-thuyar mARRiya Jn~Anap-perum tahavOr
sampiradhAyam onRi sathirkkum neRi saarnthanamE

(Word by Word Meaning): 

Tamm Bharam yenRu irangi = recognizing that it is His
(our Lord's) responsibility to protect us by showing 
Daya for us

aruLAl taLarA manam thanthu = giving us unagitated mind 
(freedom from worries about our rakshaNam) through 
the display of His DayA GuNam 

Umpar Thozhum ThirumAl = our Lord , Sriman NaarAyaNan 
worshipped and eulogized by the nithya Sooris(eternally free)

uhanthu yERkum upAyam onRAl = grants us freedom from fear
through the sole means(upAyam) of SaraNAgathi at His Thiruvadi 
that He relishes to accept as a vyAjam for saving us 

namm piRavit-thuyar maaRRiya  = those AchAryAs of His , who 
destroy the sorrow of SamsAraic afflictions by showing us
His (our Lord's) Thiruvadi as the one and only UpAyam (means) 
and UpEyam (goal)

JnAnap-perum tahavOr =  those great AchAryA's with unbroken links
to our Lord and with Jn~Anam and unparalleled mercy 

sampiradhAyam onRi = we have taken refuge in these great AchAryA's
Sath SampradhAyam 

sathirkkum neRi saarnthanamE = and have achieved the lofty
status of gaining great rewards (phalan) through a small upAyam
by belonging to this ancient tradition. 

At the end of this Rahasyam , Swamy Desikan acknowledges 
with gratitude the MahOpakAram of the Lord's AchAryAs :

kadal amudhatthai kadainthu sErttha 
ThirumAladi kaattiya namm
Desikar tamm nilai paRRic-chArnthOmE

( Word by Word Meaning): 

Kadal kadainthu amudhatthai sErttha = Churning the milky ocean
and collecting amrutham for distribution to the dEvAs

ThirumAl adi kaattiya namm Desikar =  showing the sacred feet
of this Lord as the means for our upliftment (Moksham), our
SadAchAryAs (have performed a great upakAram)

tamm nilai paRRic-chErnthOmE = and we have joined the sampradhAyam
of the SadAchAryAs and accepted it as the most sacred and lofty one.

Swamy Desikan identifies himself as belonging to this blemishless
SampradhAyam originating from the Lord and propagated in the purest
form from generation to generation by His SadAchAryAs.. 

DaasOham , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan

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