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Re: social justice

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 05:07:56 PST

Hari Hari


In the first place, let me first tell that, I do not
want to compare any religion with another. One should
never compare religions, as it is this comparion which
brings all sorts of problems amongst people. Each
Religion is great for its follower, as is his / her

Following is one of the most important things about
Vedic Religion :

"Vedas have clearly mentioned, never to preach this
Religion with an attempt to influcence and get more
and more people into the fold (But, I do not know
where ?). Vedas tell us just to practice, if we
believe that. Then Vedas say that, with we
practicising our life the way we are guided by Vedas,
if any other Person truly and genuinely gets
interested in our way of leading life, and asks for
details, then only, after checking with his
truthfulness in his interest, one following the Vedic
Religion is supposed to talk about Vedic Religion,

Then is about the story you have mentioned :

"In case, the story is true, it is completely and
thoroughly Unethical and Un-Vedic way of living on the
part of the Land lord. I do not want to judge the
authenticity of the story."

Then about Karma :

"This is something which involves very thorough
understanding. This is one main aspect dealth with in
Shree Bhagavad Geetaa by Shree Krishna. The way
'Karma' is used in the story that you have mentioned,
is totally illogical and irrational (i.e. the way Land
Lord has used the word Karma). If you have access,
please read commentaries on Karma Yoga so that your
doubts would get clarified"

Then about ShreemaNnaaraayana, Love and Vedic Religion

"There are many ways to reach Hari. The main and the
easiest I feel is the Prema Bhakti. It is this Prema
Bhakti that was flowing in abundance between Gopis and
Shree Krishna (as Gopi Bhavam). Shree Krishnaavataara
is such a Gem of the Avataaraas, which guides everyone
in the most suitable way for oneself towards him. All
these have their roots in Vedas. If one is perfectly
directed towards ShreemaNaaraayana, one just cannot
find any bad human qualities in him / her (like
hatredness, exploitation, anger, selfishness etc. etc.
which the story you have mentioned is indicating)"

The final thing :

"In every place, we find people who mis-use everything
including Religion to their own very mean, cheap and
selfish needs. It is true of Vedic Religion also. They
are the people who bring disrepute to Religions and
cover the Truth with False things. But this will be
very temporary, Truth always wins"

Respected Bhaagavathaas of the list may pardon me for
any of the mistakes in this opinion of mine.

Hari Hari

--- greg michel <> wrote:
> Pranams,
>  Usually when it comes to discussing hindu bielefs
> often orthodox christans say that it has no sense of
> social justice. They say that theory of karma make
> people fatalistic about their lifes.
> Whatever happens to me is my karma and there is no
> point of counteracting it. For instance lately I
> have
> heard a story from a christan nun. She was serving
> people in hospital and one day came to her a man
> from
> lower caste ( sudra, or loer) suffering from stomach
> ache. She find out that he was working for a rich
> landlord but landlord wasn’t paying him for his job.
> In effect he was starving and suffering from
> deasise.The nun visted landlord to speak with him
> about the matter. She asked why he wasn’t paying the
> man for his job and mentioned that a man was about
> to
> die. The landlord replied: “It is his karma, and you
> have done a wrong thing by helping him. If he would
> have died  he surely would have attained higher
> caste
> in his next birth as a effect of his service to me.”
> The things has taken place in India in mid sixties.
>  She went on saying, it was on a radio, that vedas
> have no teachings of love. Only Christe commanded
> “To
> love your neighbour as yourself” or “Whatever you
> have
> done to this lowest among yourselfs you have done it
> to me”. Therfore, she concluded, christian faith
> represents much higher teachings than any hindu
> sect.
>  Could you comment on this. Is it really true? Are
> there commandments in  Vedas similiar to christan? 
> With best wishes,
> Garga Rsi das

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