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10000 minutes of Tiruppavai and Tirumantrartham in One Multi media CD

From: Rama Krishna K (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 03:04:27 PST

Priya Bhagawadbandhuvullara,
Srimannarayana Ramanuja Yathibhyo Namaha
Srimathay Narayananayanamaha
Srimathay Ramanujaya Namaha

ONE  MULTI MEDIA CD(Computer based)

    This Dasa Dasa..................... Dasa dasan of Bhagawad Ramanuja,

had been fortunate enough to hear, record and compile the discourses of
Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on
Tiruppavai and Tirumantrartham in Telugu given during the period
15-12-2000 to 14-01-2001 in Gymkhana Grounds and Agrasen Bhawan,
Secunderabad, A.P. India,  under the banner  VENDIPANDUGA.  The audio of
all these
discourses are transferred to a computer.  Finally  a multimedia CD is
developed with the Mangalasasanams of Sri Sri Sri Acharya, containing
all the above discourses in audio with  about 100 pictures and scripts
collected from the Souvenir and literature.

    The above multi media CD (ONE CD ONLY) now contains more than 10000
minutes (about 170 hours plus ) of  the above discourses including
Tiruppavai songs,
two Tiruppavai sadassus(speeches by about 35 speakers), and discourses
of other eminent speakers like Sriman U.V. Sribhashyam Appalacharya
Swamy (1993-94 Tiruppavai pravachanams in Hyderabad) , Sriman U.V.K.V.
Santana Gopalacharya Swamiji(Radio Discourses) and address in English by
Sri Sri Sri Jeeyar Swamiji to a
team of Doctors from USA who visited the venue on the last day.   This
multi media CD is dedicated to an 100 year old  upcoming temple of  Sri
Ranganatha Swamy under Jeernodharana, near Anand Bhawan, Rashtrapathi
Road, Secunderabad, A.P., India

     Copy of the above CD is now being offered as a complimentary to the

donors of this temple renovation, scheduled for consecration on24-2-2002

by H.H. the 30th Peetadhipathi Kaliyan Sri Ramanuja Vanamamalai Jeeyar
Swamiji (The temple is under the control of Sri Vanamamali Mutt)

Minimum contribution for complimentary CD of 10000 minutes plus is
Rs.1116/-(inland CD collection in person) or 116 US$(overseas CD
collection by person/post).  Donation equivalent or above Rs.5000/- will

also entitle for Shashwata Pooja on a day of their choice every year
along with the listing of names on the temple wal l(permanent basis)

Cheques/DDs in the name of Sri Vanamamali Mutt A/c, Sri Ranganatha Swamy

Temple Jeernodharana

For more details Mailing Address
Senior Manager, Machine Dynamics Laboratory,
BHEL(R&D), Vikasnagar,
Hyderabad - 500 093, India
Tel: 040-7755485(R)
      040-3882321, 3882280 (O)




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