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Apoorva Ramayanam - II

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 21:59:50 PST

Apoorva Ramayanam- II
GunAnubhavam of “Ko gunavAn?”

The first question put forth by Valmiki to Narada was
“ka: gunavAn?”. Many take it to mean “who is the
person who has the best gunas?” or “good gunas?”.
However it is not so. Valmiki means sowshElya guna
here. SowshElya means the quality of a high person who
mixes with not so privileged without showing his
qualitatively higher nature.- “kolgai kollamai
illathan, elgal iragam illathan, vilgai villAmai
virumbi ull kalalthArkku or amuthe!”.
Sri Rama’s avathar in this world is the highlight of
the sheela guna of Sriman Narayana. Koorathalwan in
his Athimanushasthavam – 10th sloka says “sheela: ka
Esha thava hantha” – meaning “ha! Who can talk about
this sheela guna” “athravathErya nanu
lochanagocharObhu:” – when the Supreme God, who is not
visible to this lowkeeka eye, comes down to this world
in front of our eyes, instead of melting like
Nammalwar  “piranthavArum valarnthavArum” for six
months, these menfolk fight with him. His sheela guna
is not understood by such people. The Supreme who is
referred to as “ nEray nilanAy thEyay kAlAy neduvanAy
chErAr chudarkal irandAy sivanAy ayananAy” “thayAy
thanthayAy makkalAy maRRumay muRRumay” come down as
being able to be referred to as “Rama”, who is at
Ayodhya, at Chitrakoot, at Panchavadi, at sea shore
etc. Thus forgetting his high qualities – “oppAr
mikkArai ilatha mAmaAya” coming down and being with us
is the best of the gunas – it is his sheela guna.
To be continued
Adiyen Sri Vaishnava Dasan- Selva naranan.

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