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Re Castiesm

From: selvaraj viswanathan (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 17:49:37 PST

Poojya Swamin. I hope you wouldn't mind me joining the
discussion in this regard. I submit at the outset,
that I am a Satthatha Sri Vaishnava, a Mudaliar by
birth. As a Sri Vaishnavaite, I have not faced any
discrimination, which I can say "satyam satyam puna
satyam, udhruthya pujamuchyathe!".

When I got involved in Sri Vaishnavaite philosophy in
1988 and I just prayed to Sriman Narayana for
initiating me by having Pancha Samskaram done through
a sattvika acharya, I did not know anybody. The kindly
God led me to Sri Sudarsanar Swamy of Puthur
Agraharam, Trichy, who publishes Sri Vaishnava
Sudarsanam magazine. My request was followed up by Sri
Sudarsanar Swamy and Sri U.Ve. Prathivadi Bhayankaram
Srinivasacharya swamy of Thirunangur kindly consented
to have me as a Sishya. I was and am the only
non-brahmin Sishya of the Thirumaligai. By this kind
act, my Swamy gave me punarjanmam and through his
kindness, definite moksham, which I definitely would
not be entitled considering my backload of sins and
sins only. Even during our celebrations of our
Poorvacharya, Sri Prathivathi Bhayankaram Anna, our
Swamy would ask me to sit by his side while having
food, so that no discrimination is made. All the other
sishyas have accepted me as one of their own. Even
whenI go to temples, due to Lord's mercy and my
Swamy's association, I get a heartfull darshan and
blessings of Swamys. However, I always remember one
thing - certain things are required of brahmins only
and one should not interfere in such things unless
specifically asked to do so. My Swamy, when he
completed Pancha Samskaram for me and my wife, blessed
us and said the following which is still fresh in mind
and I always remember this and pray to God that I
shall always act by it: " You have got bhakti and have
done prapatti with the blessings of Sri Manavala
Mamunigal and Sri Emperumarar. In due course, you will
find many born-Sri Vaishnavaites not following their
tenets. At that time, you should always remember the
incident of Sri Hanuman being unable be defeated by
the rakshasas of Sri Lanka, was bound by brahmastra of
Indrajit and still the rakshasas, not trusting the
brahmasatra, tied him in ropes. Hanuman realised that
brahmastra went away and he could get himself released
any time. It was because brahmastra does not relish
any other utility with it. Similarly, prapatti does
not go with ego. If ego develops, prapatti will vanish
like brahmastra." 

Having born in a non-Sri Vaishnavaite family, I still
could not believe myself, as to how Sri Thondaradipodi
Alwar blessed me and initiated me in the renovation of
his divya desam - thiru mandangudy- in 1994, a person
who was born in chennai/kancheepuram and was not
associated with Kumbakonam territory till then. The
love and affection of many other Sri Vaishnavas bind
me for ever. Hence in our Sri Vaishnavaite philosophy,
Icould say with authority, that "our pandai kulam" is
not considered at all, with the caveat that every one
should know their limitations - not enter into
terrirory of the upanayam-initiated vedic dvijas. It
is Sriman Narayanan's dictat.
Iam sorry for this very long message. I just couldn't
bear with myself once I started this. Please forgive
me for any intransgiencies inadvertently done- adiyen
Selva narana ramanujan.

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