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govindhan gunam padi en aavi kaaththiruppen - post 3

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 00:33:42 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Before we proceed further in this topic of gOvindhan guNam paadudhal, my
sincere apologies for giving only the prose version of aaNdaaL paasuram 8-3
of naachchiyaar thirumozhi [anvayap paduththiya version] which I drafted and
not the poetic version. 

Here is the text version.
oLi vaNNam vaLai sinthai uRakkaththOdu ivai ellaam
eLimaiyaal ittu ennai eedu azhiyap pOyinavaal
kuLir aruvi vEnkadaththu en gOvindhan guNam paadi
aLiyaththa mEgankaaL! aavi kaaththiruppEnE .

I changed to prose version as 
kuLir aruvi vEnkadaththu aLiyaththa mEgankaaL 
oLi vaNNam vaLai sinthai uRakkaththOdu ivai ellaam
eLimaiyaal ittu ennai eedu azhiyap pOyinavaal en gOvindhan
guNam paadi aavi kaaththiruppEnE .

The enthusiasm in serving and taste of the gOvindhan gunam made me commit
this mistake. Hope bhagavathaas will pardon me for that. Now to continue the
sthOthram of that sthavya: and sthavapriya: gOvindhan

sthavya: is the 679th naamam in sahasra naamam- meaning he is the one who is
being eulogized by one and all.

sthavapriya: is the 680th naamam in same sahasra naamam - meaning he is
pleased with the hymns praising him and he also likes praising. Hence

Earlier we saw aaNdaaL saying "by your smile you spoiled or carried away our
intellect" in verse-
muRRaththoodu pugunthu nin mugam kaattip punmuRuval seidhu
siRRilOdu engaL sindhaiyum sidhaikkak kadavaiyO- gOvindhaa

Now see another krishna bhaktha saying what krishna's smile does 
sollu mazhalaiyilE kaNNammaa thunbangaL theerththiduvaai
mullaich chirippaalE en moorkkam thavirththiduvaai-
verse 8 of song "chinnanchiRu kiLiyE kaNNammaa" by Sri Subramanya Bharathi

The child krishnamma [kannan as a female child for him] smiles. That krishna
mazhalai - child's language - oh krishnamma with your mazhalai please remove
my sorrows/ ills.

 The smile- it is mullai chirippu for the poet- jasmine smile- the thin
white flower- in the dark green back ground of his body, thin white flowery
teeth putting out that smile - flashy smile- punmuruval of aaNdaaL - oh
krishNamma, I lose my moorkkam with your jaathi mullai chirippu - my
audacity- my brazenness - my ego? Oh, what are the wonders of that gOvindhan
guNam - a smile removing moorkkam. 

Because of this smile only aaNdaaL lost her sindhai- she was creating some
actions as though somebody embracing her - father saw these actions- got a
doubt- says
pongu veN maNal koNdu siRRilum muRRaththu izhaikkaluRil
sangu chakkaram thaNdu vaaL villum alladhu izhaikkaluRaal
konagai innam kuvinthu ezhunthila gOvindhanOdu ivaLai
sangaiyaagi en uLLam naal thORum thattuLuppaaginRadhE
-	3-7-3 periyaazhvaar thirumozhi [the verse we saw at the end of post
2 without meaning- now - the meaning and points]
meaning: aazhvaar the father says - this girl brings white colour nice sand
to build play house in the courtyard of the house. But what she does is
conch, chakra the wheel, bow, cane, which are all arms and ammunition of the
lord srimaan naaraayaNan. She is not yet matured enough. But her reactions
show is being embraced by that krishna, that govindha- I get that doubt-
since this is being repeated daily- I also waver and crumble inside me. 

1.	This small girl aaNdaaL brought white sand. For children of her age,
this is quite natural to play in sand by building houses etc. But what she
does is conch, wheel, etc which are beyond her age.
2.	The reactions on her face, the delite, now, what she exhibits as
though some body is embracing, leads me to doubt whether that krishna is
doing mischief with this girl. For she is not matured enough to realise the
effects of such embracing.
3.	The word sangai means sangamam- embracing. Sangai or sankai in
samskrutham meaning doubt. Since I am unable to see somebody embracing this
girl aaNdaaL, I can not for sure say she is being embraced. I have such a
4.	If it is only for a day, ok, I doubt and then can change for myself.
But since this is a daily affair, I have strong doubt. Since she is not
matured enough to realise the impact of such embracing I waver and crumble
inside myself.

See this kind of doubt that she is not matured enough but gOvindhan plays
mischief with this girl, is not only from periyaazhvaar but also from nam
aazhvaar. Now his paasuram
mulaiyO muzhu muRRum pOnthila moipoonguzhal kuRiya
kalaiyO varaiyillai naavO kuzhaRum kadal maNNellaam
vilaiyO ena miLirungaN ivaL paramE? Perumaan
malaiyO thiruvEnkadamenRu kaRkinRa vaachagamE
60 thiruchchandha viruththam
meaning: This girl does not know how to attract the husband with her beauty,
her hair styles and dressing, for she is not mature enough, her hair not
grown to that extent and does not how to dress properly. But her actions are
fully set on gOvindhan, and the eye sight is just concentrated on that
vEnkadavan gOvindhan and she is fully engrossed in thoughts of that
gOvindhan- what can I say for such a girl except wondering.

That is the specialty of the gOvindhan guNam. Let us continue singing his
gunam till we can have next post.

Vasudevan m.g.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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