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From: Muruganandam S (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 11:08:24 PST

Dear Bhakthas,
Hope some of you would have visited the the site

and had the darshan of Lord Satya Narayana of West Mambalam, Chennai.
There are 19 pictures in that section you can view the next picture by 
clicking on the next icon at the right bottom . These pictures were taken by 
me covering the whole year. As you would have observed almost 200 days in a 
Year some festival or the other is celebrated in this temple. The 
Brahmotsavam was started last year.

   It is planned to construct a chariot for use during Brahmotsavam for the 
Lord and those of you want to contribute for this noble cause may send  in 
their contribution directly to

                West Mambalam Sri Sudharsana sathsangh,
                 16/3, Bhakthavatsalam Street,
                  West Mambalam, Chennai- 600 033.
I would like to quote the slokam given in the notice

   SaptamE dhivasE prathaha vimAna Shathruse  rathE !

    NANArathna pravALAthi mukthA  thAma vipushithE !!

   NANA vasthra  ShamA kIrNE pushya thAmOpa sOpithE

   ratha ranGe sa dOlAyAm sriBumi shakitham shthitham!!

  dolaayamaanam govindham manjjastham mathusuthanam !

  rathastham  KEsavam thrushtvA punar janma NavithyathE !!

Meaning : Those who witness the Lord  Govinda, Madhusuthana, Kesava on  His 
Gems filled Throne on the seventh day of His Brahmotsavam, decorated with 
all kind of gems and peethambarams along with His Upaya Nachiyars   on the 
swing in Ratham will not have a rebirth.

So I request you again contribute to the Lord's chariot.

Incidentally the donations above Rs.250  made to this temple are exempt from 
income tax.


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