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Swamy Desikan's NithyArAdhanam at ThUppul ; An Update on the status of the kaimkaryam and future directions .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 18:02:23 PST


namO NaarAyaNAya !

Dear BhakthAs:

Recently ,there has been a ground swell among 
the members of various Sri VaishNavite lists to 
help with the problems related to the poor state of 
many of our Dhivya Desams , AzhwAr's and achAryA's 
birth places. This resolve to find ways to address
the problem of neglect and indifference is most 
heartening to observe . Misappropriation of Temple
lands , the indifference of the local government 
and shift of populations to cities have all contributed
to this sorry state of affairs. 

A Timely Kaimkaryam
It is wonderful to read about the sincere resolve of 
many BhakthAs to do some thing about reversing this trend 
and take concerted action . The task is gigantic and it
will take some time. Determination to do some thing 
by native sons and daughters can yield results as 
we learnt from the experiences at ThirumaNdamkudi
( The birth place of ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr) and 
the historic village of Poundarikapuram , where my
fore fathers lived before they moved on to 
Oppiliappan Koil . 

EmperumAn and Our AchAryAs
The central link is our AchAryAs like Sri RaamAnujA ,
PiLLai LOkAcchAr , Swamy Desikan and their paramparais 
down to our own AchAryAs in the two sampradhAyams.
Our links to these AchAryAs is through their blessed
works (Sri Sookthis). We can never ever repay Sri VaishNavite
AchAryAs for their anugrahms to us through their AchArya 
paramparais. Our Lord will be very happy , when the daily
worship is conducted at the Sannidhi of the AchAryans,
whom He sent to redeem us and show us the way to seek
Him as the ultimate goal of our lives. Another kaimkaryam
that would please the Lord's ThiruvuLLam would be to
print or reprint the Sri Sookthis of AchAryAs that
are out of print . 

Why the Kaimkaryam at Thuppul for Swamy Desikan's NithyArAdhanam ?
It is in this context , adiyEn would like to invite your 
attention to the current efforts to insure that daily
AarAdhanam is conducted without interruption at 
Swamy Desikan's avathAra Sthalam of Thuppul for Him 
and for His dhivya Desa PerumAL , Sri Maragatha Valli
SamEtha Sri DhIpa PrakAsan . It is my belief that 
daily AarAdhanam at AchAryan's sannidhi would bless 
us to reach the laudable goals of support for the Dhivya
Desams and Aaradhanams there without interruption. 
This will happen slowly but surely with the cooperative
efforts of the local community and the overseas Indians .
We must also interphase with the ongoing efforts of 
Sri Krishna Premi, Mrs.Y.G.ParthasArathy , Sri VeLukkudi
KrishNan Swamy and others , who have specific programs 
in this context.Duplication could thus be avoided
and maximum returns on the efforts could be realized.

The Status of Kaimkaryam at Thuppul for Swamy Desikan
It is my pleasure to let you know that Swamy Desikan 
as AchArya Saarvabhouman is blessing us to become 
instruments in His NithyArAdhana Kaimakryam. We have reached 
now the first lak Rupees mark in the campaign to raise  
5 Laks for establishing the core fund for the AarAdhanams
at Thuppul and ThirutthaNkA with the help of dozen
BhakthAs so far . Some of the BhakthAs of Swamy DesikA have 
linked their support to their prakrutham AchAryan 
in reverence to their AchArya Paramparais .

The next Step
The immediate target is to raise another 1.2 Laks of rupees
to cover the Next Twelve months of AarAdhanam and then concentrate 
on the raising of the remaining funds little later in the year,
perhaps by PurattAsi SravaNam , His Thirunakshathram day .

We will have the sankalpam to seek Sawmy Desikan's
blessings to make progress on the support for other 
dhivya desams that need help . Please join in this effort
and help extend our outreach .

The request for Participation in this Kaimkaryam
For now , We would like to welcome the support from  12 BhakthAs 
by Rs 10,000 each to cover the AarAdhanam for one month at a time 
starting from February 2002 to the end of January 2003.The amount
of 10,000 rupees is equivalent to 212 Dollars per year or 
approximately 18$ per month over the year to cover 
the first year's uninterrupted daily aarAdhanam with
the above referred to VisEsha Sankalpam . 

The Multiple ways to support this Kaimkaryam
A one time Contribution of 10,000 Rupees ($212)will
make it possible to cover the AarAdhanam for One Month.
Those , who wish to make an one time contribution of 101 $ 
or 5,000 Rs.would be supporting a Paksha AarAdhanam 
( 15 days or half a Month during this 12 month period). 
Lesser sums are also most welcome ; for instance , 
51$ or 2,500 Rupees suppot would help with coverage 
of AarAdhanam for a week at Thoopul Swamy Desikan Sannidhi 
and Sri ViLakkoLi PerumAL Sannidhi .

Infact , any amount is welcome. The purpose is to have
as many BhakthAs as possible join in this kaimkaryam
as a preparatory step for larger Kaimkaryams.

Coordinations from different parts of the Globe
Coordinators from USA , Singapore , India and Middle East 
(Kuwait ,Bharain) will focus on the near term effort as well as 
the long term task to assemble these funds . 

Why one wishes to support this NithyArAdhana Kaimkaryam?
As one immerses oneself with the magnificent works of Swamy
Desikan such as Srimath Rahasya Thraya Saaram , Sri RanganAtha
PaadhukA Sahasram , Desika prabhandham , ChillaRai RahasyangaL ,
DramidhOpanishad Taathparya RathnAvaLI , PradhAna Sathakam ,
UpakAra Sangraham , the 28 SthOthra granthams and many other
Sri Sookthis adding upto 130 Master pieces relating to
Sri VaishNavite SampradhAyam , one can not but feel indebted to 
the MahOpakAram of Swamy Desikan for posterity . 

Recently , adiyEn wrote about the anushtAna KuLam uthsavam,
where Lord VaradarAjan and AchArya RaamAnujA travel to be
with Swamy Desikan at Thuppul for a day to recognize 
His contributions to the Sri VaishNavite SampradhAyam . 
Such is the Vaibhavam of Swamy Desikan in the annals of 
Sri VaishNavam . Let us all join together and support 
this Kaimkaryam at Thuppul and ThirtthaNkA as a starter 
for the larger project in cooperation with BhakthAs 
on ground in India .  

Tax Deductible nature of contributions
These samarpaNams in support of the daily aarAdhanams 
at Thoopul are completely tax deductible in USA and
also in India .adiyEn stands by to help you with details 
on how to realize these Tax deductions .Please contact me 
about your interest in participation in this Kaimkaryam .

Thnaks in advance for your support
With folded hands , adiyEn thanks you all in advance
for your participation in and support for this 
NithyArAdhana Kaimkaryam at Thuppul Swamy Desikan 
Sanndhi and the adjascent dhivya dEsam of ThirutthaNkA .

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchari Sadagopan
Vishu , Thai Sukla Paksha Chathurthi , Sathabhishak Nakshathram  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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