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regarding casteism

From: charchita rangacharya (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 04:46:24 PST

Respected Sir,

 kulanthaangu saathikaL naalilum
    keezizinthu, etthanai
  nalanthaa nilaathasaN daaLasaN
    daaLarka Laakilum,
  valanthaangu sakkarath thaNNal
    maNivaNNaR kaaLenRuL
  kalanthaar, adiyaar thammadi
    yaarem madikaLE.

If an individual is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, then,
even if he belongs to a lowly caste, you must consider
his devotee's devotee as your lord. 

I'm quoting this paasuram from tiruvaymoli. I have
quoted the explaination from our own web site
Whatever i understood from the above paasuram
according to my intellect is that if a person is a
devotee of shriman naarayan to whatever castes he/she
belongs should be given enough respect. Then why in
our sampradaayam it is so that in the name of achaaram
we discriminate among our own people. Even if they are
great devotees of lord naarayan they are not given
enough respect just because they belong to low caste.
I have seen many people who are brahmins and shri
vaishnava but they do not follow any rules and
regulations of what shri vaishnava should follow.But
even then they get respect in the society as well as
by high intellectuals since they belong to high caste.
Should it be not like this that the discrimination
should be made only on this basis whether a particular
person is a devotee of shriman naarayan or not rather
than caste.Is our sampradaayam emphasize on casteism.
I also felt that casteism is one of the main reason
that our sampradaayam's message is not widely spread.
If by mistake i have written something wrong due to
ignorance then i am extremely sorry for that.
with regards

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