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Re: mutts, monasteries

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 01:11:28 PST

Hari Hari,


I would not say that my answers to your questions are
very authenticated, but they may be near to the truth.

1. I thinks you are asking about Sanyaasis. If that is
the case, there are two types of Sanyaasas a) Ajagara
Sanyaasa b) Madhukara Sanyaasa stipulated in Vedas.
But I do not know, what is said about these types
specifically about your part of the Question. But  I
do not think that Vedas specify any specific places of
shelter for Sanyaasis. What I know is that they will
have to be completely out of wordly activities and
hence will have to be quite away from the happenings
of this world, primarily mentally and also physically.
Probably they are expected to spend their time aloof
in forests, mountains or any such lonely natural place
doing Tapas. Please check with more learned members.
Now a days, Sanyasis are staying in Mutts. Usually,
each Mutt is headed by a Sanyasi who is esteemly
respected and worshipped by the followers of the
respective Mutt.

2) Spiritual practices fo Sri Vaishnavas : The
following is what I know :

a) Doing Trikaala Sandhyaavandanam every day.

b) Performaing Tiru - Aaraadhanam (worship) to Shree
Narayanan every day as per the guidelines of Aachaarya
Ramanuja. Of course, there is specific / unique way in
which this is done in Sri Vaishnava Sampradaayam which
involves both Sanskrit and Tamil. I am not very sure
whether there are minor differences in the ways
different Sri Vaishnavites perform this.

c) Performing Utsavams in Temples as per the Sri
Vaishnava Tradition. There are many of them, each with
its own great meaning and significance. Learned
members would be able to throw more light on this.

There could be much more, which I am not aware of. Any
of my mistakes in this reply may kindly pardoned by
the learned members of the group, and I may kindly be

Hari Hari

--- greg michel <> wrote:
> Pranams,
> Thank you for your reply regarding prasadam.
> I have next question:
> 1.Different religious groups have for their
> followers
> the vocation of the monk, like for instance
> Christians
> or Buddhists. For them also they have special place
> to
> live ie. Monasteries, Do the Sri Vaisnavas have
> monasteries. When  I was in India I have seen many
> Temples like for instance Ahobilam Mutt or Sri
> Rangam,
> but the only present were pujaris- grihasthas. I
> have’t seen any monks.
> 2. What are the spirytual practices of Sri
> Vaisnavas.
> Garga Rsib das

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