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Gita lecture contents and QUIZ

From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 02:24:57 PST

Today's lecture:

We finished the first 10 shlokas of 18th chapter as per Sri Shankarcharya's
bhasya. We assessed the views on jnanayogis and karmayogis:

1. how in 18th chapter, tyaga and sannyasa and the different options therof
refers to karmayogis only instead of jnanayogis
2. how nityakarmas have some fruits: phalas as per Shankaracharya and the
proof offered in support of it.
3. The method of gradual purification and attainment of moksa for an
aspirant who is qualified to do only karmayoga (ignorant one) and is a
( question: why is karmayogi ignorant one as per sri shankaracharya?)

We decided to take a clear look at shankarabhasya since there was a big
break of several months. We will finish Shankaracharya and Madhvacharya
views first and then come to charamashloka as per those two acharyas.
Finally we will finish it off with tatparya chandrika's views on

We have already covered the two views of Sri Ramanujacharya on charama

If you have any doubts you can send them by email.

QUIZ:  What is the MOST REVOLUTIONARY CONTRIBUTION to the world of Hindu
Philosophy by Sri Ramanujacharya and why is it so?



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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