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Introduction from Rajiv Madabhushi

From: Rajiv (
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 17:54:16 PST

Namaskaaram to all Bhagavathas,

Adiyen had been a member of this esteemed e-group, but
had stopped for reasons unknown even to myself.  In
many ways this e-group has been the initiator of the
spark of devotion in Adiyen towards our Divya
Dampathi, and having been out of this e-group for so
long, in retrospect, was a mistake.  It is Narayana's
"Anukampa" that has allowed adiyen back in the fold.

A few bits of info on adiyen:

Born in Chennai, came to US at age of 7.  
Mother's parents from Vellore and Kanchipuram. 
Father's parents from Tiruchanoor and Chittoor.  

He who inspired me to follow our Sanatana Dharma was
adiyen's paternal grandfather, Sri Ananthasayanam
Ayyangar (2nd Speaker of Lok Sabha, and later governor
of Bihar).  Although his political work kept him
extremely busy, he still found time to pursue Vedantic
studies and evolve intellectually as well as
spiritually.  And at the end of his career, he
dispassionately and humbly returned to his old small
house for retirement in Tiruchanoor, ever faithful to
our Sampradayam and Bhagavan's Lotus Feet.  Throughout
his retirement his thoughts rested on Sriman Narayana,
while his lifestyle continued to be that of helping
the less fortunate coupled with his incessant drive in
the pursuit of Truth.  Bhagavathas like my Thatha and
those in this e-group who mercifully provide constant
inspiration are certain to slake my thirst for Divine
knowledge and pull me from this pit of ignorance and

Sriman Narayana parabrahmane namah,
Sri Maha Lakshmi Thaye parabrahmane namah.


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