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Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi, Velukkudi Swamy Upanyasam (English Translation)

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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 16:08:20 PST

Volume XIII :-

Volume Title :- Dhrishtaadhrishta Phalamaagiya
                Iraamaanusa Thirunaamam

In the last issue we saw that we do not need to worry
about anything when we have Raamaanuja Sambandham by
chanting Raamaanuja Thirunaamam and quoted Swamy embaar
"Illai enakkedhir Illai enakkedhir Illai Enakkedhire.."

We now will see why we do not need worry about anything.

If we look at the first line of this thaniyan we can
see the usage of the thirunaamam "emperumaanaar". The question arises
that when we are talking about the greatness of raamaanuja
thirunaamam why is it mentioned as "emperumaanaar" here?
Instead Swamy Somayaaji could have used "raamaanuja
thirunaamathaal"! We know that if we recite the
Raamaanuja thirunaamam it gives us an immense pleasure
but how do we know that the thirunaamam gives us the
moksham? There is nothing in the meaning of the thirunaamam that
indicates that the Raamaanuja thirunaamam is the cause to attain

Swamy Pillai Lokam Jeeyar gives an explanation for
this :-

Emperumaanaar propogated the meaning of the charam slokam.
Hence he got the name "Emperumaanaar" from Swamy
Thirukkuottiyur Nambi. Swamy Thirukkottiyur nambi gave
the Charam Sloka Manthraartham (meaning of charama slokam)
after testing emperumaanaar 17 times by asking him repeatedly
to go again and again. Patiently, without arguing with Nambi,
Emperumaanaar went to thirukkottiyur 17 times to get the meaning of
charama slokam. Finally the 18th time Swamy Nambi gave the meaning of
the charama slokam to emperumaanaar and told him not to disclose this
to anyone who is not fit to get the meaning of this charama
slokam. In spite of this order, emperumaanaar gave this to many
people. Knowing this Swamy nambi  told Emeberumaanar with anger
that since the latter did not obey his words he will go to
narakam (hell). To which Emperumaanaar replied "If adiyen will
go to narakam because of this adiyen is very much happy
to accept it thinking that lots of people who know the
meaning of this charama slokam can now go to moksham". Hearing this
and thus realising the greatness of emperumaanaar Swamy
thirukkottiyur Nambi gave him the thirunaamam of "Emperumaanaar" and
embraced him.

Now lets us look at the reason of this thirunaamam being
used in this thaniyan :-

- When did emperumaanara get this thirunaamam ?
       When he gave us the meaning of Charama Slokam

- What does charama slokam say ?
       Leave all your dharmaas and take refuge at my feet
       and I will save or relieve you from all your karmaas
       and the cycle of births and death

- Who made us realise his meaning ?

- What do we get out of this if we chant this charama slokam
  knowing the meaning ?


Hence to get this moksham, we need to do sharanagathi. That is
the take refuge at emperumaan's feet as said in the charam
slokam. Since emperumaanaar gave us the meaning of this slokam
we are able to recite it knowing the meaning and greatness of
this slokam. Hence he got the tirunaamam "Eperumaanaar" from
Swamy Thirukkottiyur Nambi to make us realize that the tirunamam
"Emperumaanaar"  is the "hEthu" (Reason or Cause) for
Moksha as this tirunaamam gave us the meaning of the charama
slokam. So to make us realize and remember that the
emperumaanaar thirunaamam can give us Adrishta Phalam i.e.
Moksham, the tirunamam "Emperumaanaar" is used instead of

Soodi kodutha sudar kodi says :-


in "Karavaigal Pin Senru Kaanam serndhu.."

and "sitramsirukaagle .."

"Hey Govindaa..!! when I request you to consider me and take me
with you, you ask me what qualification you have to attain me ?
That is, whether I have done Karma Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga or Gyaana
Yoga. But you have forgotten something... You got the name
"Govindaa" because you lifted the Govardhana mountain with
your little finger to save all the cows and all those people who
belong to you in Thiruvaaipaadi (Aayarpaadi) and did the
pattabhishekam due to this to get the name "Govindaa". But
all of them were so much astonished when you lifted the mountain
and they started asking you a question whether you are a
Deva or Indra or whether you have any other shakthi that makes you do
this. Immediately you replied saying that You will not save them all
if they did not treat You as a boy who belonged to them and one among
them. You asked them not treat You as a Deva or Indra but as their
own child and that then only You would save them all. Therefore you
have told them that if anyone considers you as one among them as a
friend or kid or a lover then you will save them. Now adiyen
daasi considers you as one among us (Group of friends of Andal)
but now you are asking me what qualification does this daasi have!
That's why adiyaal is making you remember your own words! Hence
please accept this adiyaal... "

Just like this to make us remember always that "Emperumaanaar"
tirunaamam will give us the Moksham through the cause of this
tirunaamam (The Thirukkottiyur Nambi incident), Swamy Somyaaji
uses the tirunaamam "Emperumaanaar" here.

Hence "Emperunaar Thirunaamathale.."

We can consider..

"Emperunaar Thirunaamathaal ini en kurai namakku"


"Emperumaanaar Thirunaamathaal nootru ettu saavithiri"

Meaning :

"Since we recite emperumaanaar thirunaamam we do not need to


"Due to emperumaanaar thirunaanam, amudanaar gave us 108
verses of Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi which is considered to
be the essence of the sacred Gaayathri Manthram"

Like this even Madurakavi Aazhwaar says :-

"Mevinen avan ponnadi meimmaye.." in Kanninun Sirudhaambu

This can also be considered as :-

"Meivinen avan ponnadi meimmaye"


"Meimmaye avan ponnadi mevinen"

Which means :-

"I reached or surrendered at the golden feet of the
thirukkurugoor nambi. It is true that his feet is a
golden feet. "


"His feet is a gloden feet to which I surrendered..."

Similarly "Emperunaar Thirunaamathaal ini en kurai


"Emperumaanaar Thirunaamathaal muni thantha nootru ettu

Now coming to the reason as to why we do not have worries..

Even when we keep reciting the tirunaamam of emperumaan
we are still being pushed into the ocean of samsaram. Hence
it is very difficult to get relieved from this ocean by
just reciting the emperumaan tirunaamam. But if we recite
emperumaanaar thirunaamam we can easily get detached
from the ocean of samsaaram. Hence Swamy Pillai Lokam Jeeyar
says there will still be a worry when we just recite emperumaan
tirunaamam but not so in the case of emperumaanaar tirunaamam.

Other tirunaamams of emperumaanaar has one kurai in it that
they do not directly show us that by reciting them we will get
mOksham. Moreover emperumaan tirunaamam also makes us get
attached to this samsaram. But emperumaanaar tirunaamam
does not have any of these flaws. Such a paasuram Amudanaar
has given us that it can remove all our sins and makes us attain

Will continue..


Vedic Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi Team

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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