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The palce of Sri Lakshmi

From: D Bala Sundaram (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 08:59:53 PST

In some pictures of Sriman Narayana with the Sri Lakshmi, the Thayar is shown at the left side of Perumal.

In the pictures of Sri Venkatachalapthy, Sri Padmavathy Thayar is shown on the right.

In the temple at Thiruvidanthai Divya desam, the Thayar is on idam, that is left. In Mamallapuram cave temple, the Thayar is on Valam, that is right.

I am told that when the Lord is in Kalyana Thirukolam, the Thayar has to be on the left.

I request the learned members of the list to give their views.

Adiyen dasan

D Bala sundaram

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