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sharanagathi gadyam by Dr. NSA:

From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 19:48:42 PST

This week we had an excellent question and answer session with Dr. NS
Anantha rangachar in english. I dont know how many people were on the bridge
for a FREE lecture like this. All you do is call the number and you can
participate in an easy to follow lecture and discussion session about a very
critical issue of visistadvaita - prapatti and its relation to bhakti yoga,
puranic issues like nama samkirthana, aradhana etc.

so many questions like :

what is svatantra prapatti? what are the pramanas for it.?  how do we deal
with questions from madhvas and advaitins on this issue etc.

were dealt with.

I am sure that there are several lectures going on and it is tough for
people to participate in each of them.  I just wanted  to let everyone know
that we are the losers since time passes without waiting; I hope the Lord
srimmannarayana with his infinite mercy gives all our visistadvaitic
scholars in particular ( of course all jnanis for that matter) a thousand
years of life so that all of us can wake up one day and listen to them.

However, On the CNN News I saw that the oldest man alive passed away last
week on his 113th birth day or so!!  I hope our srimannarayana gives our
acharyas a 1000 years of life!!. I wonder what the probability of that is!

Further, Please note that there are a number of broad minded well wishers
who are paying siginficant amount of money in these days of bad economy to
make these lectures possible.  I hope everyone will make use of these
lectures and derive the superb value which is so difficult to get.

I would also like to add with SPECIAL EMPHASIS that Dr. N S Anantha
rangachar is so valuable at this time and he waits eagerly to impart these
gems to us, without turning away from any question  however rude that may be
or however fundamental.  I cannot imagine a person, being an author of 90 or
so books, could have such saulabhyam.  Please pass on this information of
these lectures to whomever you think would be interested.

adiyen Krishna

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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