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govindhan gunam paadi aavi kaaththiiruppen -post 2

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 23:43:04 PST

Post 2

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Let us continue singing the guNam of gOvindhan. Before that, I started
counting the "gOvindha naamam" available in the works of aaNdaaL. This is
simply like a child, when he goes to a hill temple, starts counting the
number of steps he climbs, before reaching the temple, for he does not
realise fully the impact in going to the temple.

In thiruppaavai it is three times once in three places
Verse 27 - koodaarai vellum seer gOvindhaa
Verse 28 - kuRai onRum illaadha gOvindhaa
Verse 29 - iRRaip paRai koLvaan anRu kaaN gOvindhaa

In naachchiyaar thirumozhi it is in 8 places and nine times.
Padhikam 1 Verse 2 - gOvindhan enbadhOr pEr ezhudhi
Padhikam 2 Verse 9 - siRRilOdu engaL sindhaiyum sidhaik kadavaiyO gOvindha

Padhikam 6 Verse 2 - kOLari maadhavan gOvindhan enbaan Or
Padhikam 8 Verse 3 - kuLir aruvi vEnkadaththu en gOvindhan guNam paadi [the
title of this series of postings]

Padhikam 10 Verse 7 - kudamaadu kooththan gOvindhan
Padhikam 12 Verse 4 - kongaith thalam ivai gOvindhanukku allaal
Padhikam 12 Verse 9 - koottilirunthu kiLi eppOdhum gOvindhaa gOvindhaa enRu

Padhikam 13 Verse 9 - kommai mulaigaL idar theera gOvindharku Or kuRREval
Since parrot is saying "gOvindhaa gOvindhaa" in 12- 9 it can not be taken as
two times, kiLi is basically sonnadhai sollum kiLi - repetition is its
nature. When we consider that way, then it is 8 places 8 times.

Another simple arithmetic - again like a child
30 verses in thiruppaavai- 3+0 = 3 - so in 3 places gOvindha naamam
143 verses in naachchiyaar thirumozhi 1+4+3 = 8 so in 8 places gOvindha
total 173 verses by aaNdaal 1+7+3 = 11 so in 11 places gOvindha naamam
Is there any logic in this or only a child's arithmetics, I am not able to
say. Bhagavathaas can comment.

Now let us enter the gOvindhan sannidhi and start singing his guNam - for he
is "sthavya: sthavapriya:" as stated in sahasra naamam. 

Why aaNdaaL accepts "yes I lost my intellect" in verse 8-3 of her thirumozhi
is, she challenged gOvindhan earlier - gOvindhaa em sindhaiyai sidhaikkak

See her verse
muRRaththoodu pugunthu nin mugam kaattip punmuRuval seidhu
siRRilOdu engaL sindhaiyum sidhaikkak kadavaiyO- gOvindhaa
muRRa maNNidanthaavi viNNuRa neeNdu aLanthu koNdaai- emmaip
paRRi meip piNakku ittakkaal  indhap pakkam ninRavar en sollaar?
2-9 naachchiyaar thirumozhi

meaning: hey gOvindhaa! In an earlier time, from a small figure vaamanan,
you grew so big as thrivikraman, crossing all these worlds like earth sky
etc. Now you simply enter the courtyard of our house by showing your smiling
face, then start spoiling our small sand playhouse [siRRil]. By your smile
you also start spoiling our intellect. Further mischief also you do by
embracing us, in front of many elders available here. What they will say?

1.	See the words "siRRilOdu engaL sindhaiyum sidhaikkak kadavaiyO?" hey
can you spoil our intellect? This is a challenge to him from aaNdaaL. So he
did it. Result is verse 8-3. 

2.	He did in the meanwhile something like showing himself as her
maNaaLan- bridegroom in the dream- vaaraNamaayiram- etc thereby aaNdaaL lost
her sindhai- intelligence. In 8-3 admits that I lost it [as we saw in first

3.	Thinking that you may come and spoil our play, when we play in the
street, we started playing in the courtyard inside the house. There also you
made it. See words muRRaththu oodu pugunthu- forcefully entering- even
though difficult gOvindhan the young boy made it.

4.	When you can come as vaamanan [maaNikkak kuRaLan and vaiyam
aLanthaan for my daddy periyaazhvaar] and then make yourself as
thrivikraman, I realise now it is not at all difficult for you. 

5.	Further, when he enters he also puts across a broad smile on his
face. That smile is a mayakkum mOhana asthram- the bewitching smile which
spoils the mind making others to fall at his feet. [Punnagai mannan poo
vizhi kaNNan rukmaNikkaaga- sang a contemporary krishna bhaktha- king of
smile, flowery eyed krishna for rukmiNi]

6.	Perhaps you have come to spoil our playhouse since you are also a
playful young boy. But what you do is embracing us. What others will feel
about this showing. Particularly the elders available here. "emmaip paRRi
meip piNakku ittakkaal  indhap pakkam ninRavar en sollaar"

7.	There is also an indirect invitation - hey, gOvindhaa, please
embrace us and then start quarrel, let us observe what these people have to
say. This word "ittakkaal" shows he is yet to do, but very soon it is going
to happen. That air of expectation is high. 

8.	what they can really expect put a word of envy? Hey these girls are
lucky- that krishna has embraced them and took to ecstasy of being one with
him, we are not lucky enough to be embraced by him. Oh krishna. When you are
going to do withme that embracing.

9.	what an expectation- sindhai sidhaikkak kadavaiyO- means - hey I am
ready to lose my identity and be one with you- only I am waiting for the
opportunity- now that you have come please- let me have it fast. Already the
act of surrendering to his prowess is carried out. Is it a challenge or a
pleading- krishna- not able to classify.

10.	This is what is your guNam- even while starting the thinking on you,
you simply stop our thinking faculty- simply make us to surrender to you-
after a long time when composure is brought back, it is seen that play with
words have already happened. That aanandham remains in the mind. AaNdaal's
experience- is it not relived now with gOvindhan guNam paaduthal.
11.	meip piNakku ittakkaal  indhap pakkam ninRavar en sollaar? Asks
aaNdaaL - who was there in this side - who else- dear daddy- vishNu
chiththar- see his reaction
	pongu veN maNal koNdu sirrilum muRRaththu izhaikkaluRil
	sangu chakkaram thaNdu vaaL villum alladhu izhaikkaluRaal
	konagai innam kuvinthu ezhunthila gOvindhanOdu ivaLai
	sangaiyaagi en uLLam naal thORum thattuLuppaaginRadhE
-	3-7-3 periyaazhvaar thirumozhi
meaning and points on this verse we will see in next post.

Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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