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Re: The period of Thirumangai Alwar

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 18:46:40 PST

Dear Sri Bala Sundaram:
The facts in favor of the two meeting are as follows:

(1) The time periods of Thirumangai and Thiru Jn~Ana 
Sambhandhar are overlapping. 

(2)Both came from SeerkAzhi and its environs
and would have crossed each other during their
travels in ChOla dEsam .This incident is set to
have happened at SeerkAzhi . 

(3)The fact that Thirumangai has a vEl in his hands 
can be intrepreted two ways.This may symbolize 
the vEl that Thiru Jn~Ana Sambhandhar had in his hand 
and gave as a present after recognizing
Thirumangai as THE Naalu Kavi PUlavar. Alternatively , 
the vEl may symbolize that Thirumangai was a Mannan
(Chieftain )of ChOlA kingdom belonging to 
the  warrior class.

Thiru Jn~Ana sambhanthar lived only for 16 years
on this earth and was prolific . Thriumangai lived
to a ripe age and was equally gifted . One entered 
Siva Lokam and the other ascended to Sri Vaikuntam 
through Saayuya Mukthi.


At 10:45 PM 1/2/02 +0530, you wrote:
>A scholar recently made a statement in public that the story that
Thirumanagai Alwar and Thirugnanasambanda Nayanar were contemporaries and
met eachother is not supported by historical evidence. 
>I would like the views of the members of the list on this statement.
> Bala sundaram
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