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surdas's poems: 13

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 15:54:26 PST

radhe krishna!
namo narayana
venkateshaya namaha

dear bhaagavatas,
adiyal shall commence with the poems without further ado...


Seeing Radha stand alone, Krishna came from behind and blindfolded her with 
his hands. But his hands could not fully cover her large and elongated 
vivacious eyes. They shone out from within his fingers as a serpent's gem 
which it had disgorged and hid between its fangs;" or as Rahu finding the 
sun and Mars together, had pounced and held them fast. Krishna does not have 
any self-interest, for there is nothing for him to desire or achieve. But he 
removes the grief of separation of those whom he loves. His eyes came close 
to Radha's, and his lips were on hers. It was as though the lotuses 
forgetting their opposition to the moon had opened their petals to be kissed 
by the moon rays. Says Suradasa, Krishna's loving embrace removed from 
Radha. the sorrow of her parting.


Krishna conveyed by signs to clever Radha. [he could not speak out as her 
girl friends were with her] to make a pretence of milking the cows, and 
picking up the milkpail come to meet him in the meadow. Nanda, his 
foster-father, would also be there to have the cows counted and verified, 
and he would bring him along too. So they would have a chance to meet. 
Radha's heart rejoiced at their mutual resolve. But that lovely golden-hued 
girl, feeling abashed, hid her face in her arms. Krishna amorously lifting 
it up gazed at her lovingly. They kept their hidden love to themselves. Says 
Suradasa as Krishna went on speaking sweet nothings, Radha blushed with 

hope all of u drank in the wonderful love of radhekrishna.

lottsa krishna premai
radhe shyam
namo venkateshaya

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