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surdas's poems: 12

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 14:04:07 PST

radhe krishna!
namo venkateshaya
hari hari

dear bhaagavatas,
so far we saw through surdas's anubhavam of balakrishna. his awakening, 
having breakfast, going to tend the herds, and doing all sorts of 
leelas...much to the delight of yasoda, nanda the gopas and gopis...and us 
of course. :)

now we shall go on to see the madhurya leelas of our kannan. and the 
entering of srimati radharani, krishna's beloved....

'I thought maybe he was in Brahma, the Unmanifest. I heard the Puranas sing 
of him. Hearing the Veda speak of him my desire to see him increased 
fourfold. I heard about him, but I never could know what his nature and his 
form were. When I got tired of searching for him, and no one could tell me 
where he could be found; I saw him sitting in a cottage in an arbor, 
pressing Radha's feet.'


Krishna went playing in the lanes of Braj, a yellow silk garment round his 
waist, holding a top and a string to spin it with, a crown of 
peacock-feathers adorning his head his ears with charming ear-rings decked, 
his teeth flashing brighter than the sun's rays, his limbs anointed with 

On the Yamuna bank he chanced to see Radha; a tika mark of turmeric on her 
brow, dressed in a flowing skirt and blue blouse, her lovely long wreathed 
hair dangling behind, a stripling, fair, of beauty unsurpassed with he a 
bevy of fair milkmaids:

Krishna's eyes met her's; love woke in his heart, says Suradasa, bewitched 
by her, he gazed and gazed.


Krishna said, 'O fair beauty, who are you? Where do you live? Whose daughter 
are you? I never yet saw you in the lanes of Braj.' Radha said, 'What need 
have I to come this way? I keep playing by my door. But I hear that some son 
of Nanda is in the habit of stealing butter and curds.' Krishna said, 'Look, 
why should I appropriate anything that's yours? Come, let's play together.' 
Suradasa says: By his honied words, Krishna, the crafty prince of amorists, 
beguiled Radha and put her at ease.


Thus did Radha and Krishna feel in their hearts the transports of first 
love. Their eyes spoke to each other the language of deep love and there was 
no need for words. Their love of several lifetimes which lay buried deep 
manifested itself Krishna said, 'Come some day to Braj at Nanda's house. 
That's where I live. When you come call for me there. My name is Kanhaiya 
(Krishna). You say you live far away, but how can that be, when we here can 
hear the sounds of your village? Swear by Vrishabhanu, your father, that 
you'll come to meet me every day both in the morning and in the evening. You 
impress me by your artlessness, that's why I'm befriending you.' Says 
Suradasa, thus in their clever guile the lovers (Radha and Krishna) 
outsmarted each other.

adiyal shall continue in the next posting. and i leave u with radhakrishna 
on ur minds and in ur hearts...

lottsa krishna premai
radhika ramanam bhaje
namo narayanaya
hari hari

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