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Re: some doubts

From: elayavalli (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 08:17:43 PST

Dear Sri Srikanth

You can also find additional inforamtion on the purana associated with
the Thirupper nagar DD at:

and follow the links for the Tiruipper nagar DD (#91 i think).


Venkatesh Elayavalli

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> Dear Sri Srikanth:
> here are the answers. Others can add
> their inputs :
> At 07:44 AM 12/28/01 -0800, you wrote:
> >dear all
> >i have some doubts
> >why is lord of kumbha konam called KUDANTHAI
> KumbakONam in Tamil is called Kudamukku. The pot
> (Kumbham/Kudam)containing all material for Srishti 
> floated on the waters of deluge and stayed put at 
> the site of today's KumbakONam and the material inside 
> was released here for the creation to go on . It happened 
> when the kudam ws hit by the arrow of KumbhEswaran ,
> the presiding deity of the famous Siva Temple here.
> >why is the lord at thirupper is called APPAKUDANTHAN
> He is giving darsanam hugging a kudam of Appam.
> >why is perumal is refered to as KUDAMADU KOOTHTHAN in
> >tha paasurams.
> This is a dance of cowherds , where you skillfully
> balance the pots on shour shoulders, head and dance 
> without droppong them.This dance takes place at the junction
> of streets ( Santhi). Lord KrishNa is the top most
> practioner of this art to the utter delight of GopAs
> and Gopis. Hence it is called Kudam+aadu+Kootthu. 
> It is not a classical dance . Hence it is called 
> Kootthu. It is like anothe rfolk dance called 
> Karaham.
> >where can we find the paasurams in which Thirumazhisai
> >alwar asks the lord of tiruvakka to follohim
> >" kanikkannan pokkozhinthan.....etc" is it in
> >tiruchenthavirutham or in nanmukan tiruvanthathi
> You wont find th verse  there. It is part of the life history
> of Thirumozhisai based on what happened at ThiruvehhA.
> It is in AzhwAr charithram and not in prabhandham.That 
> waht happened there is true , since there is even today
> a village near Kaanchi called Orurikkai ( One night 
> stay), where PerumAl stayed with AzhwAr and KaNikaNNan
> after he left His temple. 
> >please any body clarifie my doubts
> >namaskarams and happy new year to all
> >sreekanth
> Best wishes,
> V.Sadagopan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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